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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 15

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Jhon Cena style

“Eh come ooo, what’s the meaning of this, why are you trying to fetch before me, shebi you’re not okay.” Cassy says standing akimbo, glaring at Pelumi.

“Is it me you’re asking if I’m okay, Caro.” Pelumi asks, shocked that Caro could talk back at her.

“Who else would I be talking to, if not you, is there anybody else trying to fetch water before me.” Cassy asked, not backing down, Caro and Mike had taught her

how to stand up for herself and not to let anyone walk over her again and today she won’t let them down.

“Erm Pelumi, I think you should carry your bucket and let Caro fetch the water besides she’s the onee next in line not you.” Agnes advice her friend Pelumi.

“And so what if she’s the one next in line, today I want to fetch before her and there’s nothing she can do about it.” Pelumi says.

Cassy sighs a little bit and replace Pelumi bucket with her’s under the tap, she might know how to stand for herself but that doesn’t mean she would love to start a fight.

“How dare you!!!.” Pelumi growls at her and drags Cassy by her shirt and then slaps her on the face.

Every other person in line gasp out in shock, no one expected such move from Pelumi. Cassy placed her palm on her face and looks at Pelumi in shock then a slow smile crept into her face and before anyone knew what was happening, Cassy lands two slaps on Pelumi’s face, she didn’t stop there but immediately carries a bucket of water nearby and pours it on a stunned Pelumi.

“Jesus, how dare you!!.” Pelumi shrieks, staring at her now wet body in shock.

“How dare me abi, you haven’t even seen anything yet, I’m not yet done with you.”Cassy says picking up a long stick that’s on the floor and used it to whip Pelumi on her back. Pelumi screams out in pain but that didn’t stop Cassy, for she’s on a mission and that mission is to teach Pelumi a lesson. She repeats the rhythm on Pelumi’s body, until Pelumi took on her heels leaving her bucket back at the tap.

“Now listen to me everyone, all of you here say I’m a trouble some person, but I’m not a trouble some person, I’ll only become troublesome the day you find my trouble, so please do me a favor and leave me alone ooo, cause if you give me trouble I’ll give you trouble also, nonsense.” Cassy says in her American and Nigerian accents and then hissed before fetching her water.

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“Ah mama Pelumi, this one you’re in my house today, I hope there’s no problem ooo.” Mama Caro asks on seeing mama Pelumi striding to her house with her daughter Pelumi next to her.

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“Mama Caro, there’s problem, your daughter Caro has the mind to beat up my daughter Pelumi.” Mama Pelumi says fuming.

“Ah is that so, Caro beat up your daughter, oh talk about the devil, Caro you’re back already.” Mama Caro says as Caro walks in on the scene.

“Ah yes mama, I’ve sold all the corns.” Cassy says happily swinging the tray left and right.

“That’s good, Caro, Mama Pelumi said that you beat up Pelumi is that true.” Mama Caro asks, and Caro frowns at Pelumi before answering, “yes mama, I did.”

“Oh really that’s beautiful, but wait oo why can’t i see any mark on her body, Caro this wasn’t how I thought you oo, I’ve told you before that when you want to do something do it well, if you want to beat somebody up then beat her well.” Mama Caro lectures frowning at her daughter and both mama Pelumi and Cassy stares at her in shock.

“The you just advice your daughter to beat up my daughter very well, are you not supposed to punish her for what she did to my daughter.”

“I have one question for you mama Pelumi, what was your daughter doing when my own daughter was beating her up, was she sleeping, ehn, abi you think I didn’t hear what happened in the tap, was it not your daughter that was trying to fetch water before my daughter.” Mama Caro asked staring down at her.

“Ah my friend what’s going on here.” Mama Nkechi asked walking into the scene.

“Mama Nkechi see me ooo, mama Pelumi left her house alongside her daughter to report to me that my Caro beat her daughter up.”

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“Ah really, but there’s no mark on Pelumi’s body na, ah Caro what kind of beating did you give her that she doesn’t even have at least one black eye.” Mama Nkechi asked inspecting Pelumi’s body.

“My sister, that’s the same question I just asked ooo.” Mama Caro utters.

“Come oo Caro, what style of beating did you give her na, ehn next time give her uppercut or Michael Jackson style.” Mama Nkechi advice.

“Mama Nkechi, it’s not Micheal Jackson style, it’s Johnson Cena style.” Mama Caro corrects.

“I can not believe the both of you, the both of you are bad mother’s, you don’t know how to train a child.” Mama Pelumi spits out in disgust.

“Bad mother ni, bad mother ko, abeg Caro enter house make you go baff, then you eat and then rest, you don try today. My pikin.” Mama Caro says and Cassy stares at her bewildered, she was thinking she would be reprimanded for what she did, not the other way around.

“Caro enter house na, ehn, but next time make sure, you give her Johnson Cena style, you can’t be falling my hand like that, or if you can’t give her that one, then you can give, what do they call that one again, I think it’s Superman punch.” Mama Nkechi says, using her hand to demonstrate the punch. Cassy laughs out a little, shaking her head before going inside the house.

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“I don’t blame the both of you, Pelumi let’s go.” Mama Pelumi says and leads her daughter out of the place.

“Oh no you for stay, so I can demonstrate the Superman punch on your body. Ah but seriously my friend I’m happy for you ooo, cause your daughter is back.” Mama Nkechi says facing her friend.

“Ah I’m telling you, this is the Caro I know the one that doesn’t take trash, I don’t know who the other girl is oo, but this one na my pikin.”

“Yes na our Caro is back.”

Cassy and Caro

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