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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 13

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

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“Okay, what does cockroaches has to do with bringing them into one bedroom.”

“Very simple, you see, you white people get scared easily by insects, so all we have to do is fill up Mrs Diana bedroom with cockroaches and viola she will be running to Mr David in no time.” Caro explains smiling.

“Okay, but they are a lot of rooms in this mansion, she could easily move in to any one of them.” Lucy says.

“Yeah but the rooms are dusty and in no shape for a person to sleep in it and because we wouldn’t want them to be able to fix the room before night time olthat’s why we are going to fill up the room with cockroaches in the evening, when it’s almost time for Mrs Diana to retire to her room.” Caro explain and Lucy nods.

“Okay I’ve got to say this, you come up with the best plan ever.”

“Well thank you.”


Mrs Diana felt really tired, outing with her friends, was not only stressful but also boring, only God knows why she still keep such circle of friends.

She sighs tiredly, taking off her clothes, all she wants to do right now is to have a relaxing bath and then head straight to bed. She walks into the bathroom naked and climbs into the bathtub, she sighs happily as she soaks her tired body in the warm refreshing water, she raised her hand up to grab the soap only for her to see a cockroach on her bar of soap, she blinks her eyes severally hoping it wasn’t real.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She screams out getting out from the bathtub immediately only to spot another cockroach on the floor and then about three more blocking the only way out of the bathroom.


“Dad!! Dad!! Dad!!!.” Caro yells running into Mr David office.

“Cassy what are you doing here, I have always said my office is off limits to….”

“Dad please stop with the lecture, I think there’s something happening to mum, I heard her screaming in her room.” Caro yells panting.

“Then take one of the security guards and go check what the problem is.” Mr David says annoyed by her disturbance.

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“Dad I can’t find any of the guards anywhere, I think you should go check up on mum and see why she’s screaming.”

“Cassy I’m busy and I don’t have time for any one of your mother’s drama, now please leave.”

“Father!!!! I came to get you because you’re her husband, what if mum fell down and she’s wounded and that’s why she’s screaming for help huh, and then the guards comes in a little late before they could save her, who do you think everyone is going to blame, it will be you father, so I need you to behave like you love my mother and go check up on her, how can you put business before my mother’s own life.” Caro chides and a tired Mr David runs his hands along his hair before standing.

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“Fine, let’s go see why your mum is screaming her lungs out.” Mr David says in a sacarstic tone walking out of his office.


“Okay wife what’s the….. Oh my God you’re naked.” Mr David exclaims surprise,

staring at his wife’s naked body.

“Of course I’m naked, I was having my bath.” Mrs Diana yells at him.

“Don’t yell at me okay, and why are you standing on the toilet, you can’t possibly be having your bath on it.” Mr David asks sighing tiredly.

“Of course I’m not having my bath on it, can’t you see the cockroaches everywhere.” Mrs Diana says and Mr David looks around and see five cockroaches on the floor walking around the floor. so i left the important documents I was working on because of cockroaches, he thinks resisting the urge to roll his eyes at his wife silliness.

“Here I’ll go get you a towel and then help you out of the bathroom.” Mr David says and turns to leave.

“Wait!!, You can’t leave me in here with these disgusting vile beast.” Mrs David shrieks.

“Those vile beast are harmless and besides I can’t stay in here with you all night, you need to cover up so you can leave the bathroom.” Mr David says, though he knows the real reason he wants her to cover up has nothing to do with what he said.

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“Okay fine, but be fast.” Mrs Diana reply.

Mr David sighs a little before walking out of the the bathroom. “Oh great you have the towel go give it to your mum, while I go call the pest control company to come get rid of those things.” Mr David says once he see Caro standing in the room with a towel.

“No dad, I can’t do that, why don’t you go and give mum the towel and then I’ll go and call the pest control company.” Caro says stretching forth the towel to Mr David.

“No, you should give the towel to your mum.” Mr David argues not taking the towel.

“Dad! I’m scared of cockroaches also, so you’ll go give mum the towel.” Caro finalized and hands over the towel to Mr David again, Mr David sighs and takes it from her.

Caro smiles at him broadly and walks out of the room knowing she won’t be calling any pest control company.

Mr David sighs again and walks back into the bathroom, where his wife was still standing on top of the toilet.

“I’ll just cross over and give you the towel okay, in no time you’ll be out of here.” Mr David says walking towards her.

“Here.” He says handing over the towel to her, his eyes on her naked breast, Mrs Diana noticed this and takes the towel from him forcefully and that made her lose her balance, Mr David was quick enough to catch her before she hits the floor.

“Are you okay.” Mr David asks concerned, staring into her eyes.

“Yeah, I.. i think so.” She replies him, none of them makes a move to stand back properly.

Oooh his hands are so strong and sturdy, wrapped around me, I wouldn’t mind remaining in his arms all night. Mrs Diana innerself purrs.

How come I never noticed how beautiful my wife’s eyes are, she has the most beautiful eyes ever, I could stare at them all night. Mr David thinks.

Cassy and Caro

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