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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 12

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: Lucy

“Cassy you sent for me.” Lucy says walking into the room.

“Yeah I did, Lucy can I trust you like really trust you.” Caro asks staring at Lucy intently.

“Well of course.” Lucy answers looking a little bit confused.

“Okay, can you keep a secret.” Caro asks her next and Lucy answers with a yes.

“Okay that’s great, I have something to tell you and I would want you to keep it a secret, no one should ever know, Lucy are you listening.” Caro asks her with all seriousness.


“Good, you might want to sit down for this, cause what I’m about to tell you, isn’t something you hear everyday, and remember you must not say a word about this to even a single soul.”

“Okay you’re scaring me, but I promise I won’t tell a single soul.”

“Good, now how do I say this. Lucy I’m not your boss, like I’m not Cassy.” Caro says letting out a deep breath.

“Yes I knew it, I knew you were an imposter.” Lucy exclaims standing up from the couch she was sitting on.

“What! You think I’m an imposter.” Caro asked staring at her bewildered.

“Of course, what else could explain the strange behaviour you’ve been exhibiting, I have been working as a personal maid for Cassy over a year now and not to brag but I know her more than her own mother.” Lucy explains.

“Well okay, but you’ve got it all wrong, I’m not an imposter.”

“If you’re not an imposter then what are you.” Lucy asks crossly.

“Well I know this will sound unbelievable but I and Cassy swapped body, like we exchange.” Caro says and looks at her like she’s gone mad.

“Seriously swapped body, what are you lil dicky and Chris Brown.” Lucy asked in a duh tone.

“I told you, you won’t believe me.” Caro utters.

“Of course I won’t believe you, because I’m not stupid, you’re an imposter and that’s it.” Lucy says deadpan.

“I’m not, okay if I’m an imposter like you said, then how would it be possible for me so sneak past all the securities and then kidnap Cassy out of her bedroom and then sleep in her room. Do I look like a Ninja to you.”

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“Well maybe you had some help.” Lucy argues.

“For the love of God Lucy, okay fine do you remember what I was doing on the day this whole thing started, the day before yesterday to be exact.” Caro asks and Lucy nods her head before answering. ” Wait a minute, you were, you were fucking trying to jump off the window.” Lucy utters, staring at her in surprise.

“Yeah you got that part right, I woke up in Cassy bed and the only thing I could think of was that I’ve been kidnapped, I was trying to escape.”

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“I have no words.” Lucy utters staring at her in shock, still trying to bring herself to believe a person could exchange his/her body with another person’s body.

“And what about the bathroom incident.” Caro asks her, spreading her hands up in the air.

“Oh my God, you were totally freaked out, when you saw you reflection on the floor and in the mirror.” Lucy exclaims.

“Exactly, Lucy I know this unbelievable but I’m telling you the truth.” Caro says.

“Wow, I’m trying to believe you right now but my brain is to small to process all this weirdness and why are you even telling me all this now” Lucy asks.

“Well you see, Cassy made contact with me and we tried wishing back into our original body the day before yesterday, in the night before going back to bed but it didn’t work out…”

“Wait, is that why you asked me to leave, when I had walked into the room in the morning, yesterday.” Lucy asked.

“Yes, now can you please not cut me off again.” Caro utters annoyed.


“Now like I said we tried wishing back into our original bodies but it didn’t work out and now I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll be stuck in Cassy’s body till God’s knows when, and that’s why I’ll be needing your help in living Cassy’s life.” Caro explain.

“Well okay I’ll help you.” Lucy says simply.

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“Wow thanks, now let me formally introduce myself to you, my name is Caroline Benjamin Osaro and I’m from the southern part of Nigerian.” Caro introduce smiling at her.

“No way, you’re from Nigeria, now I understand why you sounded so weird on that day.”

“Yeah, but I’m guessing my voice tone is sounding a lot better now.”

“Yeah it is, wait I’m I supposed to call you Caroline now or..” Lucy asked confused.

“Stick with whichever one, you’re comfortable with but I’ll suggest you call me Cassy so you don’t make a mistake and call me Caroline infront of the family.” Caro explains.

“Okay then, Cassy it is.”

“Okay Lucy, helping me live Cassy life isn’t the only thing I might need your help in.” Caro informs her.

“What else do you need my help in.” Lucy asked confused.

“I need you to help me bring Cassy’s family together, for a family they are pretty distance, except the twins of course.”

“Hmm, well okay but how do you even start, cause I think is gonna be pretty hard to bring them together, they are all pretty much just minding their businesses and staying in their own personal space, the only activity they ever do together, is breakfast and dinner.”

“And that’s why we are starting from Mr and Mrs David Williams, the parents are the roots of every family, if we could resurrect their long lost love then bringing the kids together would be a simple task.”

“Okay but how do we do that, those couple might act lovey dovey in front of a whole bunch of crowd but we all know is all just an act, like there room’s is so far away from each other.”

“And that’s why the first step is to bring Mrs David back in her husband’s bedroom.” Caro says grinning.

“And how do you intend on doing that.” Lucy asked curiously.

“I have just one word for you Lucy, one word.”

“Which is?”

“Cockroaches.” Caro answers smiling devilishly.

Cassy and Caro

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