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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – Episode 10

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Theme: The call

“Brother.” Caro says groggily into the phone.

“Wow this is weird, you’re truly in Cassy’s body.” Mike exclaims from the other side of the line.

“Yeah but how did you know that.” Caro asks shocked.

“Well it turns out Cassy is in your body.” Her brother replies.

“It’s a lie, you mean to tell me that right now the owner of the body I’m in is actually inside my body.” Caro utters, her voice full of surprise.

“Yeah, Cassy wants to speak to you also, so I’m putting the phone on loud speaker.” Mike informs her and Caro replies with an okay.

“Hey Caro.” Cassy chirps.

“Uhm hi.” Caro replies.

“One question, did you happen to make a wish last night.” Cassy asks.

“Yeah I did, I kind of wished to have rich parents, wait a minute did you also make a wish last night, like where you wishing to be poor.” Caro asked bewildered.

“Yuck, there’s no way I’ll wish to be poor, like I’m not trying to insult anybody but your place is a dump.” Cassy spits out in disgust.

“None taking, considering the fact you live in a freaking huge mansion, but if you didn’t wish to be poor then what did you wish for.” Caro asks confused.

“Well I’m pretty sure you might have met family and they are not the best, I only kind of wished my life was different and then these happened.” Cassy says sighing.

“Wow, this is freaky.” Caro exclaims.

“I just found out about all this a couple of minutes ago and I am more than freaked out right now but the question here is how do we get the both of you back to your original bodies.” Mike voiced out.

“Well I guess we could try wishing again, maybe by tommorow we will be back in our original bodies.” Cassy suggest.

“Here that’s right, your life is really great Cassy but at the same time boring and controlling, don’t get me wrong I do love the good life but if I want to live a rich life, I want it to be with my original family.” Caro says.

“That’s sweet sis.” Mike says.

“Well you’re kind of right, I’ve always wanted to be far away from my family but a day away from them and in this messy place makes me miss them.” Cassy says next.

“Then it’s settled, we are both gonna make another wish and by tomorrow we will be back in our original bodies and then we can end this freaking nightmare.” Caro says.

“Yeah.” Cassy concurs.

“Well then, I guess I should say goodnight to you sis, even though you’re practically next to me right here in Nigeria, please I hope this wish thing work and you get back to your original body cause I’m truly freaking out.” Mike says and Caro chuckles.

“Don’t worry bro, it will work out, so goodnight brother, and good night Cassy.”

“Yeah okay, goodnight to you too Caro.” Cassy says.

“Goodnight sis.” Mike says and then cuts the call.

Caro sighs and stands up from her bed and goes over to window she stares into the night sky and looks at the evening stars, then says with all her heart, “I wish to go back to my normal life.” She sighs deeply and smiles a little before heading back to bed, she lies on her bed smiling knowing that by tommorow morning she would be back to her family, ohh how much she missed her mum, and of course her funny neighbor mama Nkechi.

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Tick, Tick, Tick. The familiar annoying sound penetrates through Caro’s dream and she groans in her sleep, annoyed by the disturbance.

“Oh God, can you just shut up and let me…. Wait a minute I know that sound.”

Caro yells sitting up straight, her eyes goes wide open as she noticed she was still in Cassy’s room.

“No! No! No! This can’t be, why am I still here, why I’m in her room, why I’m In her body, this can’t be happening I should be back at home in my own Goddamn body.” She yells annoyed standing up from the bed and walks up to the vanity in the room and checks her body.

“Good morning Cassy.” Lucy says cheerfully walking into the room but stops right in her tracks when she saw Caro staring at the mirror like a deranged woman.

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“Lucy not now, please leave, I’ll call you when I need you.” Caro says not sparing her a look.

“But you need to have your bath and go have breakfast.” Lucy informs her bewildered.

“Lucy please leave, now!!.” Caro growls at her and Lucy looks at her one more time before walking out.

“Okay, okay, Caro calm down, you made a wish last night, so what went wrong. Okay I know what to do, I’ll call my brother, yeah I should call him.” Cara picks up her phone and makes the call.

The phone rings for a while before Mike picks it, “Hello Caro.”

“Brother what’s going on I made the damn wish, why am I still here, why am I still in her body!!.” Caro question getting hysterical.

“Caro I also don’t know what’s going on, I also made the wish last night, I can’t explain why it didn’t come to pass, while we are still stuck in each other bodies.” Cassy voice comes through the speaker.

“Oh my God this is bad, this is freaking bad, see your life is great and all that but I can’t become an actress in someone else’s body, I want people to recognize me for me, Cassy I can’t stay here in your body even for a minute.” Caro yells.

“Girl calm down, do you think I also want to be here, in this body, See we just have to figure this out.” Cassy says.

“Yeah, she’s right Caro, we need to figure this out ourselves.” Mike says.

“Okay, how do we figure this whole thing out, tell me how? The only game plan we had was to make a wish and it didn’t work.” Cassy utters.

“Well maybe we just have to wait and who knows we might get exchanged back again.” Cassy says.

“Seriously we wait for how long.”

“Well I don’t know, Caro you have to get your act together and start learning how to live my life cause I don’t think we will be exchanging any time soon.” Cassy says.

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“Wow, that’s really great, I have to stay in your body till when God’s no when.” Caro says, her voice laced with sarcasm.

“Sis you have to calm down, okay, I wish we can talk more about this but I really have to go for a job interview right now.” Mike says.

“Okay bro, call me once you come back, I guess since I’m stuck in Cassy’s body I’ll be signing that document after all.” Caro says.

“What document.” Cassy asked.

“Oh I didn’t tell you guys, I got the lead role in the movie you were supposed to audition for, *who killed Martha.*”

“You’re joking right, Britney was auditioning for that part also how is it possible you got the part.” Cassy asked bewildered.

“Well acting is my dream, it wasn’t that hard to wow the producer.” Caro says grinning.

“Wait a minute, You love acting.” Cassy asked surprised.

“Yeah I do, acting is like my life.” Caro exclaims.

“Wow, I get it now, I get why we haven’t exchange yet.” Cassy exclaims.

“Okay, why?”

“Caro, I want to be a lawyer, and you want to be an actress and my parents wants me to be an actress, while your mother wants you be a lawyer, I think this is an

opportunity to live our dreams, maybe that’s why we didn’t get exchanged back, we are supposed to live our dreams.” Cassy utters.

“I don’t know Cassy, you do realize that if we indeed got change back, you won’t be know as a lawyer neither would I be recognized as an actress but vice versa.” Caro reasoned.

“Common caro, we could learn a great deal of things and if we eventually exchange back you would have learn a great deal of stuff from being an actress while in my body, common caro the only person who’s supposed to be complaining here is me cause number 1, I’ll be living a poor life, Caro I think this is our one shot in getting the real happiness on what we really want to be, and not to say we don’t have much of a choice.”

“Wow you really do give a good pep talk. Well if I need to live my dreams to the fullest to get back to my original body, then I say let’s do this, let’s do this shit.”

“Yayyyy, let’s fucking do this.”

“You shouldn’t say the word fucking in front of my mum or she will roast you alive, girl if you’re gonna be living my life then I’ll need to teach you how to live like me and oh get ready to hawk peppers in the morning.”

“You said what?.” Cassy yells.

“Good bye.”

“Caro don’t you….” Caro dared she cut the call.

“Ohh Cassy I will never wish to be in your shoe right now, well I better go eat dinner with my family and if I’m gonna be living with those people till God knows when, then I’m gonna have some fun with her family, it’s time to lighten things around here, beside for where Caro dey the place no dey dull.” She says smirking, hatching a devious plan on her mind.

Cassy and Caro

Two Girls Two diffrent worlds A wish An Exchange

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