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Cassy And Carol: Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 32]

Cassy And Carol

Cassy And Carol

Story description

Meet Cassy a daughter of rich parents, you can says she had everything in life, money, fame, everything any girl would ever wish for but what Cassy doesn’t have is the love her parents or maybe her parents do love her but doesn’t know how to show it, her mum a popular actress thinks forcing her daughter Cassy into becoming an actress is the best for her.

Cassy tired of the way she’s been treated by her mum makes a wish in the middle of the night, a wish she never knew would indeed come true. A wish that changes her life entirely or should I say forever.

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Meet Caro, a girl from a poor home, Caro dreams of becoming a popular actress but things weren’t going in her way, since her mum didn’t want her to be a dancer but a lawyer.

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Caro not liking the way things are in her life, makes a wish in the night before going to bed, but what she doesn’t know was that wishes do come true.


Two girls: Cassy and Caro.

Two world: Poor & Rich, Nigerian & America.

A wish: Both girls makes a wish at the same time, same minute, same seconds before retiring to bed.

An Exchange: Cassy and Caro wakes up the next morning only to find themselves in a stranger body, in a totaly different world they weren’t use to.

Lol I know you think this is crazy but I’ll tell you what’s more crazy, what’s more crazy is when this totally different girls start falling in love with their supposed brother and what’s more crazier is when their supposed brothers falls back in love with them and start to wonder why in God’s name they are in love with their own sisters (is not like they are supposed to know, it’s a different person entirely in their

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sisters bodies )

Read this intriguing and funny story to find out what happened to Cassy and Caro.

Did they ever exchange back to their different bodies?

Did their so call love between their supposed brothers survive?

And finally did they get to live their dreams at last?

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