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CAR LOVERS!! Geely vs Innoson – If You Are To Pick 1 Car From These 2 Brand – Which Would You Choose?

You all must have seen 1 or 2 cars made by Geely and Innoson drive past you or even on the Internet – true?

Well, these “Made in Nigeria cars” are becoming very popular these days as people tend to buy them because they are brand new and comes at a cheaper price.

Geely and Innoson are 2 of the most popular made in Nigeria cars, so today we will be focusing on both of them only.

We will just present you with 2 of their cars each (an SUV and a Car) for each brand and you will go ahead to pick the brand you would rather pick.

Check them out below 👇

Innoson (IVM)


You have to do your own research on the one to choose and why.

So, here is our question 👇

If You Are To Pick Between Geely or Innoson – Which Would You Pick?

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