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Candy Crush – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

At this point, I knew I was doomed…Esohe is just about to slip away from my fingers…
So out of fear, so many thoughts rushed through my mind.

“Just tell her you are from NEPA. That you came to give them bill. So that you can run away oh” The First thought came.

“No” The second thought. “Tell her you are looking for one address like that which does not exist. So that you can run”

“See bro, just tell her you are a police officer. That you came to arrest her brother.” The third thought came.
None of these seems convincing enough

Then a calm voice said “why run, when you have the opportunity to win her over. This may just be your only chance.”
At this point I knew I had to take charge and face this fear in the form of a human -Esohe.
Meanwhile all of these thoughts went through my mind within 10 seconds oh.
She was still expecting my response to her question with her hands on her ways.

Then Finally I coughed like a big man and said
“Good morning dear. My name is Tega. Some of my friends call me Tegito. I am very sorry for bothering you this morning. U see, ever since you came into this neighborhood, I have never been able to sleep nor slumber. All I do is think about you, morning, afternoon and night, I have taken Paracetamol because of you, take Panadol extra because of you, in fact, I plan taking vitamin C after now because of you”

“So?” She replied.
“Ehm, what I mean is that, I like you oh, well well.
I will eat hot eba for you,
I will drink hot akamu for you,
If u permit me I will drink cold zobo that is very block for you… Just to show you how much I love you.
I knew I was doomed. But surprisingly, with a smile in her face with her Oral B set of teeth, she sighed and said
“Hmm, well that’s quite interesting…Issoriat, I like you too. I have been admiring you too for long also. Just waiting for you to make the first move.
Then she drew close to me, staring into my eyes intently. I was just there standing like a mad man admiring a naked woman.

So in a bid to reciprocate, I drew closer to her, to give her a kiss…and the next thing I felt was..
Kpai! A very loud slap, then I woke up from my sleep and saw Akpevwe staring at me. Then he said, “if your mouth ever draws close to me again ehn. I will break all your teeth. Nonsense.”
This was when it dawned on me, that it was just a dream all these while.

In real life, I have still not been able to approach Esohe


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