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Campus lovers – Season 1 – Episode 3

*Episode 3*

It was a sunny afternoon. Students were tired. Some were seen buying sachet water and some were hiding under roofs or tree shades to prevent their body from getting hot.

Jamal was having a headache due to the stress and hotness of the sun. He sat down at the relaxation center in front of the faculty. He bowed his head as he sat until something prompted him to look up. Then he saw Miranda and her friends walking towards where he sat. “This is my lucky day,” he thought with excitement.

He saw himself lucky as his friends who normally used to go home together with him in his car, have finished classes earlier before him that day and they’ve gone home. So there would be enough space for him to accommodate the girls in his car. His father got him a brand new Mercedes car for his brilliant academic performance in addition to the fact that campus life without a car was stressful for him as he had complained to his father.

He decided to walk up to them to try his luck.

“Hello ladies, good afternoon”

“Good afternoon” They all replied

“How are you doing?”

“We are all fine. Thank you” Cassy replied with a smile on behalf of her friends.

If Jamal doesn’t know the names of the other two girls, he knows Cassy quite well. Cassy is quite known in her faculty for her beauty and lifestyle. She’s more popular than her two friends who rather do not really have an external social lifestyle.

“Cassy, can you please introduce your friends to me,” He asked politely.

“Well, this is Miranda and this is Rekiyah.” She said pointing at them respectively.

“Hi Ladies, I’m Jamal. Nice meeting you”

“Nice to meet you too,” they replied.

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“Finally!” He exclaimed “I thought both of you don’t talk” he chuckled.

The ladies kept mute looking at him awkwardly.

“Hey, Miranda don’t you remember me?” He asked

“Erm erm,” Miranda stammered trying to remember ”I don’t think I do”. She finally replied curtly.

“Alright. I was the guy whom you bumped into earlier this morning in front of the faculty’s restaurant”

“Oh! Now I remember. I’m sorry about that. Hope you weren’t hurt in any way” She asked smiling.

“She’s so beautiful when she smiles and that her angelic voice is one of a kind,” Jamal thought
“Not at all. I’m okay thank you” He said.

“So Mr. Jamal, what can we do for you. Because the way you are greeting us is making me suspicious.” Cassy teased with a wink.

“Nothing much actually” He chuckled. “I just wanted to say hi to you guys and make friends with you because I love making new friends. Would you like to be friends with me?”

“Cool! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with the most famous guy in the faculty of social sciences” Cassy said.

“I’m really flattered” Jamal chuckled and the girls joined too except Miranda

“So are you girls going home now?”

“Yeah. We are done for today.” Rekiyah answered.

“Alright. How about if I drop you ladies to the town.” He asked politely
“No thank you, we will find…….”

“Don’t mind her. Your offer is accepted” Cassy instantly cut Miranda off by interrupting before she ended her statement. “Who would want to queue on a Monday like this?” She whispered into Miranda’s ears.

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“Can you please sit in front with me?” Jamal asked Miranda.

Miranda wanted to scream “No! You can go to hell with your car.” But her friends pleading looks and gestures made her say yes to him.

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They got to where the car was and they all got in and the car zoomed off.

Miranda was really mad at her friends for accepting Jamal’s offer. Although, he had helped them escape from having a stressful time at the school park after having a stressful day in classes already. But she didn’t like the fact that it was he who offered help. Besides, she has a feeling that the guy likes her. Lots of thoughts we’re going through her mind in the car.

Jamal has been talking to her since and making use of his charming skills to try to get her talking to him, but she doesn’t have an interest in whatever it is he was saying.
When they got to the next junction after the school gate that Rekiyah and Cassy signaled that they want to alight. The car stopped as they got down thanking Jamal for offering them a ride.

“Don’t bother. What are friends for?” He replied

Then he noticed that Miranda didn’t alight with them. “Miranda, aren’t youu going with your friends?” He asked.

“We don’t stay together” She replied to him

Rekiyah and Cassy bade Miranda but she bade them back with a frown on her face as Jamal started the car and zoomed off.

“I thought you stay with your friends.”

“No, I don’t ”


“Because I want space. I love my privacy”.

“So where do you stay?”

Miranda was getting pissed off with his too many questions already. But she still replied him.”I stay at Sanrab. Do you have a problem with that?” She replied curtly.

“Not at all, it’s cool. As a matter of fact, I’m quite happy because I stay at Sanrab too. I stay in Kings Palace Hostel”.

Miranda was quite surprised at where he lives. She knows that hostel so well. It’s a hostel where students from very rich homes stay. Poor students can’t even afford half of the hostel fees.

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They finally got to Sanrab junction, then the car stopped. “Since you stay at Sanrab too, why don’t you let me drop you in front of your hostel?”

“No, thanks! I don’t allow strangers to know where I stay” She replied with the thought that he might have some bad motives for wanting to know her hostel.

Jamal laughed hard at what she just said.”Did you just call me a stranger? After getting to know you? After seeing me in school? After coming along to this place with your friends in my car?” He asked still in laughter and continued, “Come on! I’m trying to be a gentleman here. I just want to complete the task of taking you out of school by dropping you at your hostel. Well if you insist it’s okay. Let me be on my way then.”

Miranda who has been looking at him all these while felt embarrassed and regretted talking to him that way. Then she said goodbye to him and got out of the car.

“Bye,” he replied and zoomed off.

Miranda knew it was unlike her behavior, she just doesn’t understand why she has been feeling spiteful and catty around him. He is really mixing up emotions in her body with his talks and laughter. As she was walking home, she started to remember how he speaks and how he laughs. He’s a very handsome guy too.
“God! I really need to avoid this guy, he might be a dangerous one.” She said to herself.

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