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Camping – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

Cynthia protested as I moved around and knelt behind her, my cock now pressing firmly against her pussy. I had only said I’d spank her, she complained, and there had been no mention of having to have sex with me.

“I know,” I agreed, “and you don’t have to have sex with me. But I think it’s only fair to tell you that I’m about to put my erection right here in a few moments.” While speaking I eased her lips apart and pushed a finger into her slit and deep within in her.

Sera was sitting up, watching the byplay with a smirk on her face, waiting to see what Cynthia would do. Cynthia did nothing.

She continued to kneel as I eased my finger out and then stretched her lips further apart. Pressing forward my cock passed between her lips, following the trail marked by my finger, while Cynthia gave a steadily rising squeal, the further I entered.

I wasn’t going to rush back because I’d just climaxed, which was perhaps a little terrible for Cynthia. It meant I could joyfully bounce her on my cock for a far longer period of time than she might think. I went to work with a smile on my face.

Cynthia squealed at first with each forceful thrust, but she was soon too preoccupied with breathing and pulling her pussy back to meet me to waste her breath. I thrust joyously into her, sensing her response, and then thrusting again.

Cynthia eventually started screeching again, sensing an impending climax, and I was busily probing her and showing no signs of stopping down. She finally arrived, shouting loudly and settling down little, as if she was waiting for me to slow down a little.

Her voice sounded genuinely indignant when she realised that I had no intention of stopping, and she asked what did I think I was doing?

“Really, Cynthia,” I chided. “You seem a bit slow today. I’m still doing what I was doing earlier. Can’t you tell?”

“But why?” she wailed, apparently assuming that I must have had a climax when she did.

“Because I haven’t finished with you,” I pointed out quite reasonably, or so I thought.

“Sera was right,” Cynthia gasped, as she struggled to start matching my rhythm again. “You’re an animal.”

Sera was watching the show and giggling at Cynthia’s indignation.

Cynthia and I fairly soon back into a convenient working arrangement, me hammering her as fast as my cock could go, her shrieking and lifting to meet my thrusts. She was getting so noisy towards the end that I almost expected someone to come and investigate.

I was finally able to return shortly after Cynthia’s second climax, albeit I was only able to produce a lesser load. Still, one must make the best of what one has.

After that, we sat about and had a drink while chatting. I’d re-tucked my pants, but the girls were pleasantly bare.

I was curious as to why they had been so aggressive in the past. Sera simply shrugged her shoulders. She complained that because we were camping alone, there were too many males hitting on them. That is why they had relocated their tent to this location.

They appeared to have set up camp in a fantastic location, and every unattached male and a handful of attached males seemed to be attracted to them. They’d had enough and relocated to a place where no one could bother them.

“We didn’t expect to be camped next to a sex-crazed beast that didn’t know the meaning of the word no,” Cynthia commented dryly.

“This isn’t right,” I objected. “I’m familiar with the term. It’s just that you didn’t remember to use it.”

“Hopefully,” I said, “you’ll forget about it when I come over tomorrow.”

The end

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