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Camping – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6

I touched Sera’s pussy to refocus her attention on the real me, laughing as her eyes snapped up to my face.

“Move your legs apart and elevate your knees,” I told her.

Sera obeyed orders like a lamb and then lay down, offering herself to me and watching as I crept down on her.

Sera’s face was flushed, and her lips were slightly parted as she awaited my arrival. She lifted her hips, pushing me to enter, and my cock pressed forcefully against her. Who needs to be encouraged? Without hesitation, I was thrusting between her lips and sinking deep.

Sera gasped as I sunk into her (as did Cynthia, but it didn’t count), and her legs came up and around me, securing me. Then we started moving in opposite directions. We seemed to blend into one accord after a few timid moves, moving effortlessly with the flow of existence.

Our first meeting was mild, with the first insertion slow enough to allow Sera to acclimate physiologically, and we took it carefully for the first few minutes, relishing the sensation of each other.

As we became accustomed to each other we also progressed to a more energetic phrase, slowly building up the length and strength of the thrusts I was making into her. With everything I did, Sera reciprocated, lifting her hips hard, both presenting to me and accepting me.

We were both breathing hard now, and my hands had closed around Sera’s breasts, enjoying the feel of them. And the taste, as my mouth sought them out, tasting and sucking, washing her nipples with my tongue, while all the while I continued to drive hard into her.

I could tell by the muted screams that Sera started to make, as well as they way she clutched me tightly to her, that she was rapidly approaching a climax. Not wanting to be left behind I started taking short but faster strokes, desperately reaching for my own climax as Sera clung tightly to me.

She beat me to it, but the way her muscles clamped around me was enough. I spilled within her, hearing her yell as I came.

Slowly I came to a halt, and rested, arms either side of her and cock deep within her as I leaned, looking down at her.

“And now you have to attend to Cynthia,” she murmured. “Give her my best wishes, won’t you.”

I laughed as I rolled off her and sat up, looking over at Cynthia. She was sitting there, looking flushed and breathing hard, and her nipples were on point duty.

I patted the ground in front of me.

“Over here, sweetheart,” I told her, smiling. “Kneel down, head on your arms and bottom high.”

Cynthia moved slowly over to where I was, facing away from Sera, but her bottom nicely lifted to where I could give it a good swat.

“Hmm,” I murmured, reaching out and running my hand over her bottom. “We never got around to discussing how hard or how long a spanking you should get, did we?”

While I was mulling this interesting subject, my hand just naturally fell to investigating all that was in its reach. It sort of simply glided around the curve, settled on the pussy I had been touching earlier, and seemed to recognise familiar terrain.

With a gasp in her breath, Cynthia reminded herself, “Spanking.” “Remember, you’re meant to spank me?”

She had a point, so I lifted my hand and gave her a hard spanking, and then my hand just followed the curve of her bottom again for some reason.

“This isn’t right,” Cynthia exclaimed. “All you said was a spanking.”

I shrugged.

“If you insist,” I snapped, and brought my hand down on her bottom several times, producing a couple of sharp squeals.

Satisfied that duty was done, I returned to caressing Cynthia, running my hand over her bottom and pussy and along her inner thighs.

“Will you stop that?” said Cynthia. “That is not part of any spanking.”

“That’s OK,” I told her. “The spanking is finished. The trouble is, my erection had come back and you seem to be in the right position to take care of it.”

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