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Camping – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5

“I’m only supposed to spank you,” I told her. “Was I actually supposed to take your clothes off as well?”

Standing up and becoming a target was not a desirable alternative in my opinion. Bad luck if they couldn’t fight while lying down.

The challenge now was to position them such that I could paddle Cynthia and take Sera. It was more interesting than some of the troubles I’ve experienced in the past.

I was massaging a pussy that occurred to be close to hand while thinking about this interesting subject.

Cynthia let out a muted squeal, followed by a demand to know exactly what I was up to.

I explained myself. “I’m just pondering what the best course of action is from here,” I explained. “I’m not sure whether to spank you first and then entertain Sera, or the other way around.”

“I didn’t mean that,” she clarified, her tone a little strange. She continued as I concentrated on her.

“Why are you massaging me while I’m supposed to be getting a spanking? Isn’t it true that you should be massaging Sera?”

I apologized, “Ah, sorry.” “It wasn’t my intention.”

For some reason, Sera appeared to be struggling to breathe. She also seemed to have more to say.

“Would you mind getting your finger out of there and your hand off of me if you don’t intend to?”

It seemed that my explorations had gone a little further than I had realised. I adjusted my position, withdrawing the hand that was upsetting Cynthia. Then Sera started wriggling, but at least she couldn’t object to what I was now doing. OK, she could, but I was entitled to ignore her.

“I don’t suppose that you’d care to just sit quietly while I entertain Sera, would you?” I asked Cynthia. “It would make things a lot simpler.”

“I thought you said you were going to handle us both at once,” Cynthia retorted.

“I can,” I assured her. “Really, I can. I’m just thinking of you. If I hold you bent over Sera and spank you while I entertain her, you won’t get to see how I do Sera and she won’t see you get spanked, so you both miss out.”

“What makes you think we want to watch what you do to us?” demanded Cynthia, incredulous.

“Of course you do,” I said. “You’re dying to see Sera’s face as I enter her, and she’s blaming you for this and really wants to see you spanked. She’ll even dish out the spanking if I let her.”

Sera was the one who decided.

“Oh, sit down,” she snapped at Cynthia. “We obviously can’t stop this animal from doing what he wants, so we might as well just let him get on with it.”

I relaxed, letting Cynthia move out from under me, and she obediently sat on the ground, a little to the side. I raised myself to my knees and started undoing my trousers. Sera might have escaped at that stage if she’d moved fast enough, but she didn’t even try. She just watched me as I pushed my trousers down. She definitely seemed interested in observing what her fate was going to be.

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