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Camping – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

“Men are for that, and you’re no more a lesbian than I am. You’re neither of them.” That was something I was confident of.

Neither of them said anything in response to the crack, but their blushes told it all. They were enlisting the help of the lesbian dream to ward off unwanted guys. With nothing else to say, I shrugged and walked back to my camp.

“See, he’s got more sense than to even attempt,” Sera replied.

Cynthia laughed and said, “Cluck, cluck.”

Some people prefer to learn by trial and error.

I responded plainly, “I am not going to try until you both agree that I can.” “Because you couldn’t stop me, doing anything else would be rape. So, do you agree with me, or should I just leave you to stew in the hope that those idiots don’t return?”

Cynthia and Sera exchanged glances.

Cynthia shook her head. “We were taken aback by the fools. That’s exactly what he did the first time “she added irritably. (The lucky victim of the smacked bottom was Cynthia)

Sera smiled and nodded. She said, “If we’re ready for him, we can take him.”

Cynthia burst out laughing. “Let’s go ahead and do it.”

Both of them turned to me, nodding their agreement, and taking up these silly little martial arts stances.

“You’re both being foolish, but I don’t mind. Just remember that screaming for help when you realise that you’re losing is unsporting. I expect you to accept your penalties like adults. Not whinge and scream like children.”

That got their back up. If they’d had any ideas of yelling for help when they found out how much trouble they were in, they now changed their minds. If they lost, they’d lose fair.

I took a step towards Sera and I have to admit it, she was quick. She pivoted slightly and let loose with a thrusting kick that would have ended the fight, and possibly my chances of fatherhood, if it had landed.

Unfortunately for Sera’s intentions, I’d stopped short, dropped my arms and caught her ankle. Before she could retract, I’d lifted her leg straight up, and I’m a lot taller than she is. She found herself dangling from my hand for a moment, before I tossed her at Cynthia who was coming to her assistance.

Silly of Cynthia, really. It meant they both went down in a tangle, and you can’t use martial arts if you’re at the bottom of the pile with someone just lying on you. I didn’t need to do anything fancy at that stage. Just lying on them meant that they were pinned by my weight, and they had no leverage or room with which to make a strike.

Being on top, I had room and manoeuvrability, both of which I used to my advantage. The first thing I did was remove a pair of shorts and panties from Sera, she being the uppermost girl. Then despite her wriggling and swearing I pushed her top up, including her bra until her breasts were free. A bit more tussling and her top came off, and she was naked and furious.

That still left me with Cynthia, who was feeling a little squashed, and who still had all her clothes. I managed to separate the girls so they were lying next to each other and then I helped Gwen with her shorts and panties.

I stopped at that point and looked at Cynthia.

“I’m only supposed to spank you,” I told her. “Was I actually supposed to take your clothes off as well?”

For once, the girls were in disagreement. Cynthia said no, I wasn’t, but Sera said yes, I was. Cynthia asked why, and Sera promptly told her because she, Sera, was already naked and so Cynthia was damn well going to be.

Feeling that Sera had some justification with her reasoning, I proceeded to remove Cynthia’s top. Only a shirt. It turned out she hadn’t bothered with a bra.

I now had two nude girls squirming on the ground, held down by my weight. Cynthia was pointing out rather bitterly that I hadn’t actually given them a chance to fight. Just sitting on the pair of them was decidedly unfair in her opinion.

I stopped at that point and looked at Cynthia.

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