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Camping – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

I stepped back while the girls sorted themselves out, including the frantic hitching up of one pair of shorts.

For some reason they felt compelled to say some rather nasty things to me. There’s just no gratitude in the world today. I just waved goodbye and said I’d be in my camp if they needed me. Were they sure neither of them wanted to come and play for a while?

“I already told you we’re lesbians,” snarled one of the girls.

“I know, but I didn’t believe you then, I don’t believe you now, and your nipples don’t believe you either,” I said, reaching out and flicking a very prominent nipple. It appeared the close contact wrestling had excited both girls slightly, even if they had lost.

Two pairs of arms hastily folded across two nice chests, and two pairs of eyes glared at me.

I waved and left.

Another hour passed and then I heard an indignant squeal from the girls’ tent, abruptly cut off. I headed over there again.

The three boys were back. They’d sneaked up and pounced. One girl was firmly held while the other was trying to fight off two boys. I didn’t bother to say a thing. I just stepped up behind the two boys and banged their heads together, hard enough to stun them for a while. Turning, I swung a punch at the boy holding the third girl. My fist sailed a fraction of an inch above her head and her playmate was suddenly lying down with what was going to be a pair of very nice black eyes.

I grabbed the two with the sore heads and ran them the twenty yards to the edge of the lake. I stopped, but they didn’t, receiving a helping hand out into the water.

Returning to the camp I rescued black eyes from the two girls, who were thoughtfully kicking him, and helped him down to the lake as well.

I told the three idiots to get to their camp and get out. If they were around in the morning I’d have them charged.

I had to walk past the girls on my way back to my camp. The girls, who were always on the attack, accused me of overreacting. They claimed they would have been OK. If I’d just left them to it, they could have handled the boys.

These young ladies had no concept of self-preservation.

“That’s correct. As a result, they would not have raped you. Because you let it, they would have had sex with you “I made a caustic remark.

Blondie, enraged at me, shouted, “We can handle ourselves.”

“Can you tell me your names?” I inquired of them. “I’m not sure I can keep thinking of you as the blonde and the other. My name is Dan.”

Finally, the brunette spoke up. “My name is Cynthia, and her name is Sera.”

“And we didn’t need your help. We can take care of ourselves, so go away,” snapped Sera.

“So you keep saying. So if I take off your clothes and have sex with you, it will be because you permit it, is that right?”

“You couldn’t,” Sera snapped. “I wouldn’t let you. Besides, Cynthia would stop you even if you did get my clothes off, which you wouldn’t.”

“Sorry. Cynthia would be too worried about the spanking she’d be getting at the same time to worry about you having sex with a man. Do you want to put it to the test?”

Neither girl spoke for a moment. Then Gwen said, “Why not?”

“What?” Sera seemed a bit surprised.

“Why not?” asked Cynthia. She giggled. “I’m only risking a spanking, after all.”

“Yes, but I’m risking getting raped,” pointed out Sera.

I objected, “This isn’t rape.” “If I do that, you’ll be implying your approval. It’s the equivalent of losing a gamble and having to pay up. Even if you are hesitant, you must do it.”

“That’s worse,” she grumbled. “I’d consent to having sex with a male.”

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