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Camping – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

I heard sounds coming from the girls’ camp about an hour later. I thought I’d go over and make sure everything was okay because there were some quite heated shouts.

Present were three young men there, approximately nineteen or twenty years old, who were attempting to impose their will on the girls, who refused to take a no.

“Is there a problem?” With a cold tone in my voice, I inquired. The three lads charged at me, inspecting me and deciding they didn’t want any problems that came in my size.

“No issue,” one said, “we’re just getting ready to leave.” And, as the poet would remark, they did not follow the order of their departure.

“Our saviour,” the girls cried as they fell at my feet.

There’s a slim chance.

“We were in command of the situation. It was unnecessary for you to come over.”

“The situation would not have been what you would have got in your hand very soon,” I explained. “Those youngsters didn’t appear to be the type to take no for an answer.”

The girl argued, “We could have handled them.” “We’re perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves.”

“You’d be a hell of a lot better off looking after yourself if you moved your camp closer to the facilities where there are a lot of other campers,” I said. “You couldn’t even manage a single motivated man physically. If a man moved in on you with malice, you’d be mincemeat.”

“You worry too much. We both know martial arts. We could have handled those guys if they’d tried to get tough.” That girl was determined to make her point.

“Lady,” I told her, “if I wanted I could tie you both in knots without raising a sweat. Those three idiots would probably have raised a slight sweat, but they would have taken you if they’d tried. Just be thankful that you’ve got adult company nearby. I still think you should shift camp somewhere safer.”

“Tie us in knots without raising a sweat?” muttered one of the girls sceptically. “I’d love to see you try. I’d enjoy kicking your arrogant ass.”

“Really? Would you like to see how easily I can spank yours?” I asked.

“Try it.”

So I did. I just stepped forward and picked them both up, one under each arm, and then squeezed slightly. They didn’t have time for any martial arts. Nor breath for screaming, after I squished them slightly. I just lowered them to the ground and let them loose, gasping for air but unhurt. Unhurt that is, until I reached over, pulled down a pair of shorts and firmly slapped a pretty little bottom.

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