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Butt F*cking Dad’s PA (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Butt F*cking Dad’s PA

Butt F*cking Dad’s PA

by Cristiano Caffieri

Brad Bowman’s father wanted him to work in his company for one year of life experience before going on to college to study biochemistry. He was basically the mail clerk, coffee maker and general gopher. His pay was as low as the state would allow and as part of the life experience he had to pay his mother for his lodgings.

While his friends were all getting pissed and f**king pretty girls at their various hubs of learning, he was slaving over the photocopier and the drip coffee maker with the occasional few minutes to spare, which he spent in the storeroom glancing through some s*x magazines he’d stashed there.

His Dad always seemed such a reserved, down to earth businessman, Brad never suspected him of having a piece of tail on the side, however, one day when he opened his office door unannounced he caught him f**king the ass of his voluptuous Personal Assistant Nina. His Dad didn’t see him but she, having her head hanging over the side of the desk, caught sight of him and looked quite alarmed.

Later that day she caught up with Brad in the storeroom. He quickly shoved his books under a cabinet and tried to look serious.

“I’m sorry about what happened today Brad but your father gets a stressed out with all the business he has to do and I try my best to give him some relief.”

He didn’t reply so she came a little closer.

“I’m sure that even you get stressed out sometimes – don’t you?” she purred, fingering the lapels of his jacket, “that’s why you like to look at all those pussies and tits in those magazines.”

He swallowed hard but he still didn’t say anything. Nina undid the front of her top exposing two incredibly perky tits, “I’m sure you’d rather play with these than look at those pictures,” she said, and taking his hand she placed it right over the n*pple.

Brad didn’t want to show he was turned on but he gasped and the next thing he knew her tongue was searching around his mouth for his. This of course made him squeeze her soft warm tits harder and press the bulge in his pants against her leg.

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