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Busy As Bee – Season 1 – Episode 4 [Completed]

Episode 4


He dropped his pants and I gasped in amazement as he let loose the biggest cock I have ever seen, let alone had the pleasure of being fucked by such a monster. My cunt seemed to groan with the sheer delight of it going to get all of that delicious dick, somehow inside it.


It was so lovely that I yearned to touch it with both hands. Take it in your hands and softly stroke it for him. I smelt it and filled my head with its lively odor before tasting it and slurping it down my throat as far as I could without choking, but time was not on our side. This has to be done right now, not later.


“Screw me hard!” I said, bending over and laying my outstretched hands on the two stairs above me.


Getting all that cock up my tight and, dare I say, underused feminine slit nearly lifted me off my feet.


I grasped the stair tread tightly and after three powerful thrusts he forced it all the way in me and as I relaxed after the initial shock that I might be split asunder, I stopped shrieking, and started to really enjoy him pound my horny hole so mercilessly.


I believe I actually did start to talk dirty to him as he gripped my hips and kept just on thrusting all that fantastic firm flesh into me. Over and over he thrust it, till at last he grunted loudly and shuddered and started to cum. As if by magic it blew me away and brought me off too, and I felt his shower of hot spunk, spewing into me, as his pulsating cock splashed my insides just where I wanted them splashed.


I remained hunched over for a good minute, my legs turning to jelly and my heart racing. Then, with a loud sloshing sound, he yanked the spent spitting snake from my cunt, and I heard him pull up his trousers and walk towards the foyer.


“Will you be in the same spot tomorrow?” Without turning around, I yelled.


I heard the front door being unlocked and then he was gone, grunting something that sounded like ‘Yes.’


All that lovely precious gift from the young man’s massive cock, silky spunky sperm, was now running slowly down the inside of my legs. I finally stood up, and with one hand on the banister and the other on the wall to steady myself, I began to laugh, and then became wildly ecstatic, shouting at the top of my lungs, “Shila, you’ve done a fantastic job… Oh, that’s a good one!”


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