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Busy As Bee – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

Now that he could see exactly what I had to offer, and it was all laid out in front of him, I felt confident enough to gesture him over. He didn’t need much persuasion and jumped off the mower and dashed in my way at a breakneck speed.

Because my two employers and trainee were at a conference all day, I had the office to myself. I didn’t want to get too engaged with this guy, so I just took him down to the lobby. I could lock the front door and walk around the corner, out of sight of onlookers, to the stairwell leading up to our offices.

When I was in the lobby, I merely gazed about. Then I noticed him around five yards away. As he entered the office building, I shut the door behind him and began removing my clothing as I led him around to the stairway.

I took it slowly and gave my ‘Lawnmower Man’ a little striptease while standing on the stairwell.

First off, were my top and then my bra. He wanted to touch, reaching forward, telling me that I had nice tits, but I made him stand at the bottom of the stairs and wait for my signal to have me.

I loved pulling down my short tartan skirt and my now soiled panties for him, showing him my very puffy and aroused cunt. Only just shaved that very morning, and looking so mouth wateringly eatable, if time had allowed.

I stood there stroking it and fingering it slowly with an inserted finger as he watched almost with his tongue hanging out. Then I lifted up my panties, which were still around one foot and kicked them into the air for him to catch. He grabbed them eagerly and holding them up to his face moaned softly as he breathed in the heady scent of my sex on them.

I turned away from him, naked save for my holdup stockings, and said, “OK… you can feel me!”

He approached me on the stairwell, and I extended my legs wide to allow him to rub his hands up and down the inside of my naked legs. I reprimanded him and told him to wait every time he was going to impale me with his enormous, thick fingers.

He was panting hysterically. As he reached around me and encircled my tits with both his enormous hands, I felt his hot breath on my neck and smelt his manliness, his delicious sweat. He pressed until my hard nipples were firmly imprisoned between his fingers, and I thought I’d pass out from the pure pleasure of it all.

Then he went wild and lost it, and was all over me. Fingering me, kissing me, and telling me how badly he wanted to fuck me.

Eventually I managed to free myself from his grip and steady myself on the banister rail of the stairs before turning to him and giving him my nod of approval for him to have me. I was now more than ready for him myself … I was, to tell the truth, as desperate to fuck as he was, and trembling with lust and anticipation of what was to cum.

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