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Busy As Bee – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

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Story Title: Busy As Bee

Episodes: 4

Category: Romance 

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Episode 1


Shila is my name. I’m twenty years old and work as a secretary for a small architectural firm. I enjoy my job since there are two major partners and a trainee in the company, and I’m kept quite busy with all of the secretarial work, as well as being the general dog’s body and the tea maker. This doesn’t bother me because I enjoy being useful, and my superiors refer to me as their ‘Busy Shila.’


In a lengthy procession of stores on the outskirts of town, our office is on the second story above an antique shop. The offices are bright and open, with a nice view of the busy main road outside and a beautiful park beyond.


When the weather is nice, I spend most of my lunch hours here, bringing a coffee and a sandwich with me and relaxing on a park bench with a good book.


Romance is my favorite genre to read. I read what I affectionately know what I was talking about, but it’s fair to say it’s delicious fucky trash!


I enjoy reading about a variety of wicked deeds and ravished pussies; in fact, the more the merrier.


Don’t take this as an admission on my part that I’m frustrated or don’t understand. I do have a boy friend, and we enjoy doing it. We don’t do it as often as I would like, but we do it quite frequently if I prompt him!


Actually, I’m the type of girl that fantasizes about sex and imagines herself in those stories. You know the kind of scenario where Little Girlie gets stuffed to a halt by a terrible jerk and can’t bring herself to say no, even if she wanted to? She is so desperate for it that she would beg him to screw her if she had to. For one of his spectacular fucks, she’ll even crawl to him on her hands and knees.


I enjoy reading sexy stories that are available for download and printing on websites, then slipping them into a respectable-looking book.


I take this to the park with me and read it there, escaping into a world of wide open pussies and heaving thighs with big cocks reaming out pleading maidens left, right, and center.


That’s exactly what I was doing the other day. I’m sitting on a park bench, reading an incredible narrative, and getting myself into a lovely excited state of arousal.


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