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Business Partners – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

“I asked him how did he sleep and he said OK. I told him I did too. I looked at him in the eye a little longer and finally couldn’t take it anymore. I told him that I felt him against me. He looked very embarrassed and was about to say he was sorry, but I cut him off and asked why he pulled down his underwear. He said because it felt good. Well, at least he was honest. I told him I wasn’t wearing any and he said he didn’t think so. We just kind of laid there quietly looking at each other. Finally I said ‘well?'”

“You told him ‘Well?’ Holy crap, Seyi!” Mera was so surprised.

“I mean, what else was I going to say? I guess that was the one little pebble keeping all the boulders at the top of the hill because everything kind of happened after that.”

“Everything? What do you mean by everything?” Lola asked, well-knowing the answer but wanted desperately to know the details.

“Well, he moved closer to me and felt for my waist and just rubbed my hips. I almost held my breath waiting for that hand to move, and it did. He put it right between my legs, first playing with my curls then finally going right for the lily pad. I almost exploded all over him, it just felt so damn good and so damn right.”

“Oh shit, Seyi.” Mera yelled as she dug both of her hands deeper into her crotch. Lola, too, had to adjust herself behind her desk as she felt her panties becoming soaked.

“Man, he knew how to do it right! Shit, Crystal is a lucky woman. But then when I reached over I didn’t realize just how lucky she was!”

“He’s big?” asked Mera eagerly.

“Holy crap he’s huge! I mean long and fat. Seriously! He shuddered when I first touched him, and then I slowly stroked him up and down while he was pushing two fingers into me. We finally kicked all the covers off of the bed, and that’s when he got on his knees. I pulled my gown up to my waist and spread my legs.

“He looked down between my legs and told me I was beautiful. I just smiled at him and looked at his big weenie just bouncing around. Then he pointed it down and I felt him touch me and begin to rub it on me. I spread my legs wider and that’s when he finally pushed it in.”

“Like all the way?” Lola inquired.

“No, not right away. It was still tight, despite the fact that I was juicy and everything. But he was so caring, and he kept at it till he got in, and it was wonderful! Oh my god, it was so good!”

“He was also gentle with the ladies.” He’d lean in close and kiss and suck them, never missing a beat. I arrived just as he started sucking. I knew I was wailing like a lunatic. In the adjacent room, I’m sure they could hear me.

“Then he came to a halt and stood up to remove his briefs. I paused for a bit before pulling my nightgown over my head. Then he sat down and ordered me to get on top of him. I figured since I’d come this far, I might as well go all out, so I hopped on him and rode like a madman.”

“Oh my god, Seyi. This is insane. Is everything you’ve said true?” Lola inquired sincerely.

“You lucky bitch,” Mera said as she rubbed her hands beneath her skirt.

“Tell me everything about it! These long, leisurely strokes were so darn amazing. I mean, he was that wonderful, so I came almost instantly. Then he leaned out and pulled my gown up over my head.”

“He was after your boobs, for sure! Your boobs are desired by all men, girl. Your boobies are what I’m after! “Mera laughed, rubbing her hands even more vigorously.

“Every damn word, Lola. I swear. It was crazy. Then he made me get out of bed and turned me around to hold on to the dresser. He got behind me and that was all he needed. Miles is a goddam horse. He came like a son of a gun. I could almost feel his cum shooting in me. When he finished he fell back on the bed. I joined him and just played with his chest hair while he was breathing heavy. Without saying anything I went and took a shower and got ready for my day.

“When I came out he was digging in his bag and then went in the shower without a word. I was already dressed and ready when he came out. He quickly dressed, and we checked out and I drove us home. I dropped him off at his apartment this morning, and he said he would be in this afternoon.

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