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Business Partners – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

“I wish! No, I just laid there thinking about it. And the more I thought about it the more, well, you know, the more I felt something.”

“You got horny,” smiled Mera.

“Yeah, I guess. A lot.” Seyi seemed embarrassed now.

“Well, I know I would!” said Mera.

“I just kind of laid there thinking about him in his boxer briefs. My back was to him but I tried to turn to see him. I didn’t want to disturb him though, so I just laid there. Then I thought about scooting back just a bit to maybe touch him, you know, maybe his leg or his arm…”

“Or something else,” chided Mera, a nasty smile on her face.”

“Yeah, well that’s what happened,” offered Stella.

“You felt his dick?” Mera was surprised.

“Well, duh, it was all sticking out and everything. Yeah, it was the first thing I felt.”

“It was sticking out of his panties?” Mera asked without thinking.

“No, it was still in his briefs,” Seyi corrected. “But I mean it was huge and out front. I felt it on my backside…”

“Your butt?” asked Lola unable to help herself.

“Yeah, my butt. My gown had ridden up, of course, so I felt the material against my skin. So I just pushed against him a little more, just a little you know?”

“Did he do anything?” Mera asked almost breathlessly.

“Yes, oh god yes, he started to hump a little.” Seyi almost giggled.

Mera squealed and crossed her legs tightly. Even Lynn found herself becoming flush at the thought of the scene. She felt her blood growing hot and the tingle in her crotch belied any sense of authority she currently felt.

“Yeah, what with Crystal and everything?” Meg made an offer.

“No, I guess I never gave her any thought. I was merely attempting to be a decent girl, but I believe I had gone too far. He eventually awoke and knew where he was. However, I pretended to be sleeping while playing. I could see he was astonished to find himself where he was. He jerked a little, but then remained perfectly still. Then I felt his arm move, and I could tell he was adjusting himself by moving his penis about or whatever. It wasn’t touching me any longer, and I felt a little sad.”

“Did he back away?” Mera was almost giddy with excitement for the rest of the story.

“I felt him move between my cheeks. For just a split second I thought about moving him downwards, but I realized just how crazy that would have been. I mean, I didn’t think I wanted to touch him or hold him or anything.”

“Wait, pay attention. He did draw away, but only for a short while. Oh my god, I’m speechless.”

“What are you talking about?” “What?” Lola enquired angrily.

“Well, he pressed it on my behind again, but… then he removed it from his briefs.” “It was just exposed and touching me,” she says.

“Oh shit,” Mera grumbled, her palms pressed against her crotch in an unladylike manner.

Lola chuckled as she pointed to Mera and said, “She’s about to cream.”

“But this is so goddam hot!” exclaims the narrator. Mera sobbed.

Stella said, “Oh my my, speak about.” “I mean, he was literally prodding my buttocks with his massive dick.” I could hear his breathing become strained as he rubbed it up and down gently.

That’s when I kind of turned over to look and he played like he was sleeping! I realized we were both playing games. So I turned completely over to face him. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at me. I told him good morning and he said the same.

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