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Business Partners – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

Seyi sat in silence, contemplating the happenings. Mera placed her arm around her shoulder. They both appeared to be upset. Lynn was agitated yet concerned.

“So you ate and…?” Lola inquired.

“We ate rapidly, to be sure. As I already stated, we were both exhausted, so we took turns getting ready in the restroom. Our pajamas weren’t exactly meant for company because we hadn’t intended on sharing a room with anyone. Mine, at the very least, were not. And, to be honest, I don’t believe he brought any! He emerged with his boxer briefs, his hair still wet, and he appeared very self-conscious…”

“Miles, are you wearing boxer briefs? Oh, wow, “Mera cooed. “I don’t think I could have kept myself in check either! His eyes are the problem, but those buns!”

Lola commanded, “Hush!” But, to be honest, she was thinking the same thing. This was a really difficult task. Miles, who was 32 years old, had the physique of a high school athlete. He was a marathon cyclist and a fitness freak. She acknowledged to becoming hypnotized at times while watching him work at his desk and simply pondering. But, she reasoned, this is now fact. And her coworker, Seyi, had stepped over the line with him. She thought to herself, “She’s so lucky,” and then quickly corrected herself.

“Yeah, and yes he did look good. And that’s when I started getting nervous. See, I only bought my pink gown, and well, it’s seen its better days. But like I said, I didn’t plan for an overnighter with anyone. Good gosh, it’s not sexy or anything. It’s just an old gown, but I was so self-conscious because it’s just not that concealing. Anyway, I thought he would be asleep when I came out after my bath. But he wasn’t. He was waiting to turn out the light. And he was way over on the other side of the bed like he was going to fall out any minute.”

“Did he say anything when you came out?” asked Mera.

“Well, yeah, kinda…” admitted Seyi.

“WHAT? What did he say?” demanded Lola, immediately criticizing herself for reacting that way. She had to command some exposure as their superior.

“He simply stated that I appeared to be attractive. I know I flushed and thanked him. Before I thought about it, I informed him that he looked wonderful as well. I was even more ashamed when I spotted his ‘lump’ in the covers. That’s not at all what I meant, but he was humiliated as well and retreated to his bed. That’s when I believe things became tight.”

“So that’s when it happened?” says the narrator. Mera pleaded.

“We didn’t go to sleep, we just went to sleep. We said our goodbyes as he switched off the lights. I just felt strange being in the same bed and saying goodnight to each other. It took me a long time to fall asleep, but I nearly immediately heard him snoring. I’m sure he didn’t think much of it.”

“No, I’m sure he’s used to sleeping with single women in a king size bed,” Lola offered trying to lighten the situation if anything.

“So, that’s it? When you said slept with Miles that’s what you meant? That you slept in the same bed and that’s all?” Mera sounded disgusted as if she were ready for some deep gossip but was told a joke instead.

“Just wait. Listen.” continued Seyi.

“We did fall asleep. But sometimes early this morning we were close together in the bed almost spooning. I could feel his breath on my neck. He was still sleeping. I could tell because of his breathing. I just laid there thinking about where we were and how relieved I was that we made it through the night without it getting weird, you know?”

“So, you just got up and got out?” asked Mera.

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