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Bupe (Gift) – Episode 8

Bupe (Gift)

Bupe (Gift)





Ever since I met Bupe at church years back. I grew to like her a lot. I was from a well to do family and my parents couldn’t allow me and my siblings to have anything to do with people from underprivileged families.

I had to witness her suffering. I would help when I have a chance.

Now that she was doing well,my parents agreed to accept her as my future wife. I didn’t even propose to her but I made sure to be by her side. On the other hand Miguel seemed to be fond of her. Sometimes I wondered why she stopped working there despite him being nice.

I hoped that he was not in love with her.

Miguel was so rich and I thought she may choose him over me. So I decided to be the first one. I told my parents and I called her.

I didn’t think of what she may say after the sudden change of heart of my parents.

She came in and mum offered her a drink.

She was just facing down. “Isn’t she beautiful bashi Lewis(the father to Lewis)?” Mom asked and Daddy was smiling.

“Well mom you know Bupe and I love her so much,she is the one I want to ma……..,”I couldn’t even finish and she choked herself and Left. I followed her

behind pleading with her to hear me out but she was not able to listen. she locked herself in the house. She sent a text.

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“I want to be left alone please,”it read.

I went home and made mom was on my neck.

“It seems you didn’t propose to her alone before bringing her hear,have you seen what you caused,once she calms down,go there, plead with her and propose to her, which girl wouldn’t want to have you for a husband?” Mom said.

The next day,after the church service,she couldn’t talk to me,she just waved as a group and left.

I couldn’t waste much of the time and went after her.

I reached her place and told her to listen to me.

I apologized for everything.

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“You are good at making up things, I didn’t expect this from you Lewis,i trusted you more than myself, u didn’t even think that it was necessary to tell me first before telling your parents, you know I see you as a brother to me,”she said so furiously.

I kept on pleading till she said she was going to think about it.



Bupe was so embarrassed with everything.she didn’t know what to do. She thought of calling Miguel but stopped eventually.

She sat on her bed tears falling off her eyes. She went to the kitchen and took some water from the bucket. “I wish granny you are here with me,i am about to make a decision of my life,i need your help granny,”she said to herself.

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She fell asleep on the chair.she woke up Monday ready to go for work.

Bupe stayed almost a week locking herself after work. She has been avoiding both Miguel and Lewis’ calls.

She decided to accept the marriage in order to serve their relationship.

She decided to tell them her decision. She also called Miguel to tell him a surprise but even Miguel had a surprise.

Miguel came and she felt at peace. “,I have a surprise for you,” they said in an unison. “You go first,”again they said at the same time.

They both kept quiet hoping that the other one will surprise the other.

“Well Bupe,i have been wanting to tell you something,i love you but I don’t think you will accept me after all I did to you,but it’s okay,am not forcing you to love me but if you love someone else it’s fine, I only wanna see you happy, you have been

avoiding me lately that you want to be left alone,but this time I won’t let you be alone,i love you and and that’s it,,”he said and she saw how sorry he was for everything.

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“It’s bad that,my surprise will make you upset but let it be, I like you Miguel but I can’t marry you,i will be getting married in two months time,thats all I wanted to tell but I guess,its no point because we don’t feel the same,”she told him.

“Your happiness means a lot to me,i wish you best of luck and don’t forget me when you are married,am sure the man is luck to have you,who is the luck one,”he asked.

“Lewis is the money am marrying, I don’t want any problem,”,she said.

Miguel congratulated them and had a small party just the three of them.

Miguel left and went to home. He was disappointed but again he was happy for Bupe.

“I need to tell her the truth before the wedding,am not worried about the consequences. It’s good that,after loosing the baby,she will still conceive for Lewis,”he thought. He had dreams of having her as a wife and then his dreams were shuttered.

He had to accept the reality.

After a week, Miguel took a hospital report to Bupe showing that she lost Miguel’s baby.

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