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Bupe (Gift) – Episode 7

Bupe (Gift)

Bupe (Gift)

All happens for a reason





I didn’t what was wrong with me. I had missed my menstrual period but I wasn’t bothered about that because sometimes i used to miss for two months. After being in police and all that,i suddenly felt dizzy. Lewis convinced me to go to the clinic but I refused.

I just saw Miguel,he took me to the hospital without asking me.

I didn’t know what happened,i was operated but only Miguel knew why. When I got home. He told me not to stress. He didn’t tell me anything because I was still angry with him.

After some days,he came and I was in good mood. He asked for forgiveness which I did.he asked for friendship which I refused not until he tells me what the reports said.

He handed me the reports saying that I had gas and the food to avoid. But one thing for sure,something seemed wrong. I agreed to befriend him.

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I stayed for a week and applied for a job as a secretary at Airtel, and I was accepted. Things started to fall in place but I still missed grandma. I managed to rent a 5 roomed house worth k450 in winburgy near Lewis. On one hand Mariana was on my neck.

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I was about to go to work.i was locking the door when Mariana greeted me an insult.

“Wow atleast the bitch has a house now not that filthy place she was in,”she said.

“To what do I owe this visit ma’am?”I asked but she just looked at me from head to toe and looked around the house.

“How much do you want,so that you can stay away from my brother,since you came back, all he talks about is you Bupe,i wonder what you used on him,i hate you Bupe, here take this,its k7000,leave my brother alone,” she said handing me the money. I got it and put it in her top and left her alone.

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I wonder how she got to know my place.

I reached at the office and and all my thoughts were on what Mariana said.”why would she say that as though we have something going on between Miguel and I. He just a friend,”I thought to myself. When knocking off, either Lewis would come to pick me up or Miguel. But I was more comfortable with Miguel.

I called Lewis to come and get me. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to Miguel. I reached home and made some tea for ourselves.

On Saturday I went to church in the afternoon. I was avoiding Miguel. When I went home, I found him by the corridor waiting for me.

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He came and pecked me. I led him in the house and make some snacks for him.

“You have been avoiding me lately,did I do anything wrong again,”he asked but I had no answer for his question.

“Tell me please so that I apologize,”he said and I burst into laughter.

“How can you apologize when you haven’t done anything wrong,”I said.

We talked about many things but not the past. He left and Lewis came.

“Mom wants to see you,”he said and I followed him. She looked good and was just smiling. At first, she hated but now she is smiling at me.

“What could be the reason why so sudden change of heart?”I thought to myself.

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