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Bupe (Gift) – Episode 11 [Completed]

Bupe (Gift)

Bupe (Gift)


Understand the reason why that person did what he/she did.


Don’t judge in advance before knowing the whole truth.






Days before the wedding.

I woke up on Saturday morning ready to go for marriage lessons with Lewis and to make confession before God and man.

My heart skipped I bit. I wore a blue dress with a sandals and a rapper(chitenge). I looked at the house so much. “My life will change after getting married.”I thought to myself. I looked at the watch and it was almost time up.

I grabbed my handbag. I met Lewis waiting for me by the road. All the wedding preparations were in progress.

We arrive at the church and the pastor was in his office. I didn’t have courage to tell him that I lost my baby months ago. How was he going to react.

The lessons begun.”when you are one,you have nothing to hide. Let your partner know your problem and understand you, in marriage,there are so many challenges that you have to face as a couple. You don’t have to blame each other but instead stick to one another,be there for each other,, remember in Bemba they say”imiti ipalamene taibula kukwesana(this message you can’t leave together without misunderstanding,its nature and normal but you have to sit together to find a solution,”the pastor said.

He then turned to Lewis.

“If you have any thing to share with your soon to be wife,please be free,am a counselor by profession,”he said.

Lewis had nothing to say not even a secret.

He turned to me with the same question. I looked at him. “Do you really love that much that you will always stand by me regardless of what I went through,will you stand by me Lewis,”I asked and he was quick in response.

“Okay pastor,its hard to say it but I don’t want to hide anything from anyone. I am not a Virgin as you think Lewis, I lost my baby. I got pregnant whilst trying to serve granny’s life,”I narrated the whole story but I didn’t mention the man who got me pregnant.

“Wow, clap for yourself darling,i can’t marry someone who is so careless, how could you open your legs for the sake of money,what kind of a human are you, you are a disgrace to womanhood,, pastor please cancel the wedding,i can’t marry a prostitute, she may do the same when we get married,am not read to marry her,” he said as he stood up to leave.

I held his hand,he turned and told me to my face to go and marry the man who did that to me.

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I pleaded with him,the pastor tried to stop him and understand my story but he was not read to listen. I ran after him begging to forgive me.

But that wasn’t enough.

I went to the pastor to help me beg him and not to cancel the wedding.

He drove to his home and I got on a taxi. I reached home and I felt so shameless. How was the church gona react to this. There was no way I was going to live with the shame.

I went to the kitchen and took a knife. I aimed it high to stab myself.the next thing I saw was blackout.




I was ashamed,i didn’t know what to say.i couldn’t believe,she kept such a secret from me.i thought she was my best friend. I cancelled the marriage. I went home and told my parents everything.”if you love her and promised to be by her side as you claim, you will have to apologize.

So I went there in the evening and found,she was not there.i tried to call her but her phone was off. I tried Everything to reach her but one of the neighbors told me to go to the clinic. I went there but found nothing.

I loved her and I wouldn’t bear to see her with anyone.




Few days remained for her wedding. I sat down looking at her pictures on my computer. She looked beautiful and I imagined her on a wedding dress. Mariana came in and saw me in tears.she saw the picture and wiped my tears.

“Brother,if you love her don’t you think you have a right to know if she likes you or love you too,as far as I know,you didn’t give her time to tell you but you jumped into conclusion that she loved someone, I suggest you go there and see her and tell her how you feel,i know she loves you,if she doesn’t love you she wouldn’t have served you the other day at kapongolo motel. Just go brother,”she said and left without a word.I looked at the photo and thought of what Mariana said. I didn’t even waste time,i didn’t care of the consequences. I went and told Mariana to drive me there. I was not in the state of driving. I reached at her place. Her shoes were outside and the door was locked front the inside. I knocked but no answer.

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My heart was beating terribly like something was wrong. I decided to break the door but Mariana stopped. I went and used the sitting room door which was not

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Locked. I went her room she was not there. Mariana went to the kitchen to have water.

“Bupeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,”she shouted. I went there and Mariana was in a pool blood. We rushed her to the hospital after getting police report.

She was stabbed. On the pocket was a note.

“Am ending my life today because of the shame I have. My wedding was cancelled because of the shameful act I did,i can’t even marry the man of dream because this,yours Bupe,”it read.

I gave the letter to Mariana.

She read everything. “It’s because of you that she almost took her own life. Because of the pride you had before, now her wedding is cancelled and her life is in danger.”she said.

I watched her being taken in the operation room.

The doctor came out. “She was not stabbed deeply, her condition is stable.,” The Dr said.

We stayed in the hospital for 2days. On the discharged day.

As we were going out to the car. Lewis came and knelt down.

“Mariana went and slapped him hard. I thought you respected women, she lost her baby and you didn’t think of how she must have felt,you didn’t even understand her situation at all but instead you went and broke her heart and she almost took her life. You didn’t even think for a second, were are you marrying her because of love or selfish reasons?”Mariana asked.

“Just let it be,am glad,i didn’t die and I have people to support me, if he is here to ask for forgiveness,hes forgiven but I won’t marry anyone.”she said.

We got in the car and I took her home.

I was so pissed off with her.

“You didn’t even think of me,how I would feel when someone had happened to you, you think by suicide you would have solved the problem? You would have

made things even hard for me. I can bear to see you marry another person but I can’t bear to see you dead,”I said after Mariana excused us.

She was just crying so unstoppable.

I left her with Mariana. I took a taxi and left a car with Mariana. I reached home not believing what happened.

An hour later. Mariana came and told me that Bupe had accepted to marry Lewis.

She had forgiven him.




Bupe was being dressed up as a bride and a groom was being dressed up. She looked at herself and Lewis’ words during confession echoed in her mind.

“She’s so shameless,she can do the same when we are married,she is just like a prostitute,”she remembered and tears formed destroying the make up.

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She looked even more beautiful with her complexion..her matron if she wanted to say something but she denied. After being dressed up. The groom was waiting in the church already.

They took her at church of Christ ministry. She looked at the alter.she looked around but Mariana and Miguel were not there. Lewis was smiling.

Her God father held her to hand over to Lewis.

Her heart was skipping.

She looked around,everyone was happy but not her.

Before she could be handed over,she looked at Lewis and nodded her head in disapproval.

I can’t do this,non of us will be happy, I love someone else and am going to find him.

She turned and ran outside. She got a taxi in her wedding dress and went to chikumanino.

She reached the gate and found the gate man. She went in and she was told that Miguel went out for shopping with Mariana.

They went to buy a gift on her wedding.

She decided to stay and wait for them.

On the other hand, Lewis ran after her but lost her direction. He fainted on and taken to the hospital immediately.

At Miguel’s place. He and her sister arrived. They were shocked how they found her at their door step in her wedding dress. She went and hugged Miguel.

“I can’t go with the marriage,i can’t marry someone I don’t love, you are the one I love,you are my pride Miguel,please take me as your wife,”she cried in his arms.

“I never stopped loving you huny, but you have to see Lewis first,”he said but Bupe refused. She went to the hospital and apologized to him and Lewis accepted his fate.

“You too are meant for each other, go and get married to each other,”he said.


Bupe was more than read to marry him.

He looked more handsome. They walked to the alter and took their vows. They were pronounced husband and wife. Miguel and Bupe became one.




That’s how life is.some people are inferior to others. Others are misjudged for their deeds. No one understands the reason why it happened but instead they are called shameless people. They are judged for doing what they do witho but understanding.

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