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Bupe (Gift) – Episode 10

Bupe (Gift)

Bupe (Gift)

We are all equal




Rich people despise poor people. All they care about is the status they have in society.they have status socialisation where they feel that rich people can only interact with people of the same status. They look down upon the poor in all angles of life. They think money is everything not knowing that it’s the devil himself. Rich people forget that when they have everything,they can never seek for help from the poor.

This is exactly who I was,i thought having money is that makes someone happy but I was wrong.

I hated Bupe not because she was a maid but it was because she was poor and my brother was always siding with her.

I thought she was going take my place in my brother’s heart.

I was so stubborn because my brother spolty me when I was young when our parents died. I never saw anything good in others but only in my brother.

The moment Bupe I was so furious.i preferred having a servant than a maid. My brother seemed to like her a lot.

Bupe worked for few days at home and quit the job after her granny’s death.

Because of my brother’s desperation of wanting her back home.i made sure,i got all the information that I needed about her. All my brother talked about was Bupe nothing else.

I made sure she was framed at the post office off stealing money.i had to bribe one of the workers. I made sure she was in jail but no. That good for nothing Lewis bailed her out. I didn’t how much he paid to bail her out.

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On the other hand, Mike was my boyfriend despite Miguel being against it. One day I went to his place and he was smoking drags. I understood why my brother was against it.

I wanted to leave but he hold my hand back.

“Hey sweetie,you are in for it turning back or tell anyone.your brother knows this and that’s why he isn’t a friend anymore but he doesn’t know that you will be in as well.if you back down now,you will face the consequences,here take it or I will kill you,”,he said.

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I felt my heart beat.i didn’t what to do and how to respond. I couldn’t tell my brother or anyone. He gave me some to smoke but I threw it away. He gave me a tight slap.i sat down watching him smoke. I loved Mike so much that I kept tolerating him. He used to take me to different lodges,some times,we could go to mpika. I used to ignore my brother. He had tried to explain things to me but I was so stubborn.

I didn’t how it happened. Miguel figured out that we were at kapongolo motel.

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Mike had drags and took one. He sat down to smoke.

Bam!!!! The door opened. It was Miguel. He went to Mike punched him so hard that he fell on the ground. He came to me and gave me a hard slap.

Fight broke in. They started fighting. Mike reached for a gun to shoot Miguel but the girl came Infront of him and was shot instead.

The face looked familiar.

“Wow Miguel, I wanted you dead but instead, this low class lady served you.” He said.

“Bupe open your eyes please, don’t leave me,i love you so much,”Miguel shouted and I recalled that was Bupe. She looked more professional than she was.i was confused. I snatched the gun from Mike and aimed at him.

“What are you doing my Love,please don’t do this,”he said.

Before I could pull the trigger,he got a gun and shot me on the arm.i called for help before Mike could notescape. He got all our phones. He wanted to leave but Miguel got him and beat him until he lost consciousness. He managed to call the police from Tazara. They came and arrested Mike. We were taken to the hospital and I kept blaming myself for everything.

It was because of me that Bupe was shot trying to serve my brother.

I couldn’t stop crying. I was not hurt badly but Bupe was still unconscious.

Her boyfriend came and Miguel lied to him that, she was shot unknowingly when the police was trying to chase a thief. Then they called us. And my sister slipped on the corridor and hurt her hand when coming here. “Why will Miguel lie to him,”I thought to myself.

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Days went by and I decided to put everything behind me.i went and apologized to Bupe for everything but she said nothing. “I don’t know why you risked your life to serve my brother’s life. You are a good person Bupe,i misjudged you because of the status you have as a poor person. Am so grateful,”I Said and walked away.

“I finally understood why my brother loves,its because at one point,something connected you lost his baby and you left work at home because of him,”,I told her and she was just in tears.

“I only wanted the best for everyone but let’s put everything behind and behave like humans for once and for all.”she said hugging me. She led me her house and made snacks for ourselves.Share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons.

I realized that money can’t bring happiness but jealous and hatred. I believed that poor people and rich people are all equal despite the status each one holds in society.

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