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Broken Spirit – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 7]

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Story Title: Broken spirit

Episodes: 7

Category: 18+

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Episode 1


I stared at him.. For the 999th time, My God!! I really hoped I was dreaming.. “Dan are, are you really in your right senses??!! won’t cry! Never!! For 10 years.. I’ve served you faithfully..I’m everything a good wife can be..what?..what then..I mean what else do you want??”


This was a month after our 10th wedding anniversary.. My ‘loving’ husband was seated before me and giving me reasons for his recent annoying attitude. Not like I’m not used to it, but this time he took it to the extreme, keeping late nights, drinking to stupor, and being so so fatigued that I have to towel him up some night due to lack of stength to take a shower


.. #scoffs..and the last time he touched me?? that was a month ago.. that night after the celebration, Believe me I had to suck for like half an hour before I could manage to get that stuff standing.


it was  frustrating, but worth it tho. I loved this man, he was my first love and after him, no other man was, can or is to come..

My name is Bunmi, a lady of 36, Can be said to be tall standing at 5ft9, an average sized body, a tight flowing shape and a fair coco complexion.

From a family of 4 excluding my late father and my ever loving mother.


2 sisters and a little brother and I turned out as fate may have it as the 1st child.

My family depended on me for survival and I bet they don’t regret it one bit, i do my very best to meet all their needs.


Personally, on my own, I’m a graduate of The University of Nigeria Nsukka, A medical doctor **a gynaecologistprecisely**  married a handsome tall robust business man, Damn!! He was complete.. everything you would ever want in a man. Tall, a gentle ruggedly but beautifully handsome face and a very gently and meek personality to go with it. Dan had it all or so I thought.


“Bunmi!!” I heard my name, I must av travelled so fast.. Yes?? “This is my last warning!! Give me a son!!” He yelled out and he was gone to the guest room I think..


Dammit!! what you put in me, was what i gave you in return!! X-chromosomes!! and they produced your two beautiful daughters. Put in me a Y-chromosome and a son, i shall give you!!

“B, calm down, he’s gone” I retorted addressing myself


The night seemed to turn stale, distant dog barks rang into my ears, tears pitched a tent at the back of my eyes, a rain of sadness overtook me.

I cried myself to sleep that night, the erosion-like sticky mark the running hot tears drew on my face staying on my cheeks till morning.


Dan wasn’t contented yet. I mean..was it my fault I cant give him a son?? God..!!!


..Continued in next episode..



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