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Broken Promises – Episode 30

Broken Promises

Broken Promises

taxis, hooting.
“She’s fine – Zakes is out of town
for work.” She turned to face him,
to watch his expression. “He’s gone
to a sales rep conference. Evidently
he’s doing really well at work, and
they are thinking of promoting
him to management.”
Then Mzi snorted, “Are they? That’s
interesting. So your mother’s home
alone tonight?”
“I guess so,” said Ntombi. Where
was this going? Mzi had pulled up
outside a shebeen. Ntombi had to
think fast. If she could find
somewhere private out of earshot,
she could text Olwethu and tell
him she was with Mzi and was in
trouble. She guessed that Mzi
might take her down to the river,
once he had got beers. But she
couldn’t be sure. What if he had
decided to take her somewhere
else? She needed to talk to
Olwethu and see if he had told the
police. But as she stepped out the
car saying, “I need the toilet, I
won’t be long,” Mzi caught her
“Can I use your phone, babe?” he
asked. “I’ve run out of airtime and I
need to send a message.” She
hesitated, but then she saw the
look on Mzi’s face. “My own
girlfriend won’t lend me her
cellphone,” he said angrily.

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