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Broken Promises – Episode 27

Broken Promises

Broken Promises

She pulled off the
wig that was falling over her eyes,
now blurry with tears. She had
seen Mzi’s true colours and they
were dark and dangerous. Zakes
wasn’t forcing him to work for
him. He wanted to. Hadn’t he
laughed when Zakes had joked
about her and her mother? There
was no going back to how things
had been. This was the harsh truth
and she would have to deal with it.
But what was more important
now was finding Olwethu before
he left. They had to go to the
police now – not wait until
tomorrow. She knew where the hit
was going to happen – tonight.
That was all that mattered now.
Ntombi wiped the tears away and
walked the last few metres to
Olwethu’s house in her ripped
stockings. It was getting late and
she suddenly felt terribly cold. She
knocked on the door and waited.
“Please be here,” she prayed.
“Please!” She couldn’t go back
home, not looking like this. What if
Zakes was there on his way to his
late night assignment? What if her
mother found out she’d been to
Mama’s by herself, looking like
this? Then she heard footsteps and
the door opened. Olwethu looked
at her in disbelief.
“I can explain,” Ntombi said
quickly. “Something’s happened.
We need to call the police now.”
“What did he do to you?” Olwethu
said quietly, but with an edge to
his voice. “Tell me where Mzi is.”
He was already half way out the
door. And Ntombi could see that
he wouldn’t stop until he found
“No,” said Ntombi. “He did nothing.
Can I come in? I need to talk to
you.” And then she was crying
again and Olwethu had his arms
around her. He pulled her against
his chest. “Ssh!” he whispered into
her hair. “It’s going to be okay.
You’re going to be okay. You’re
with me now. I won’t let anybody
hurt you.”

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