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Broken Promises – Episode 23b

Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Episode 23b
It was all over. Mzi hadn’t called
Ntombi in twenty-four hours – he
had just disappeared. He was in
with Zakes – in too deep – and he
was in trouble. Ntombi was sure of
it. When she had got home from
Olwethu’s she had tried to call him
but all she had got was: “The
person you want to speak to is not
available. Please try again later.”
It felt like a slap in the face. Her
instincts were to try again, to keep
on calling until he picked up the
phone, but she stopped herself.
She switched off the phone that
was driving her crazy with no new
messages from him. But after the
news from Olwethu she needed to
know the truth. Where was he?
Unavailable on some illegal
mission with Zakes? Right this
minute was Zakes holding a gun to
some innocent person’s head and
demanding that they get out the
car? Perhaps Zakes had asked Mzi
to drive the BMW in to the panel
shop, or else… And if Mzi had
She could go to his house and
check if he was okay, but she didn’t
even know where he lived. She
suddenly realised with a shock that
she didn’t know much about Mzi at
all – besides the things her friends
had said. She didn’t know what
stuff he liked doing, what his
favourite music was, what his
dreams were. And what did he
know of her? How could he say he
adored her, when he didn’t even
know her? Was it just how she
looked? Did he care what she was
like inside?
She thought of Priscilla’s words at
the disco: “Be careful… Why would
Mzi go out with a girl like you? …
He does everything for a reason…”
And when she had tried to tell him
about the singing competition and
how she had been asked to write
lyrics, she wasn’t sure he had even
heard her. He had been so
distracted. But what did her father
say? “Never judge a book by the
cover.” She couldn’t judge him
before she knew the truth, and she
needed to hear it from him.
Perhaps the way he wanted more
when they were down at the river
was normal. After all she had never
even really kissed a boy before.
As if to echo her mood it had
started to rain outside. This was
really going to be a blue Sunday.
She watched as a group of girls she
recognised from school walked
past on their way to church. If she
had been feeling better she would
have joined them, but how could
she pretend to be happy when all
she wanted to do was crawl under
the blankets and go back to sleep?
Her mother and sister were all
dressed up in their church clothes
and Zakes was joining them. That
was the worst, thought Ntombi.
What a liar he was. He would go to
church, pretend to care, and then
go out and hijack some innocent
person. In fact, speaking of the
devil, Zakes had just driven up and
was opening the car doors for her
mother and sister to get in. It
made Ntombi sick.
She watched as they drove off. Just
then Olwethu came around the
corner, and it looked like he was
headed for her house. Ntombi
quickly went to brush her hair and
clean her teeth. She didn’t want
him to see her like this – a mess
over a boy she knew he didn’t
trust. She was ready for him when
he knocked on the door. “Not at
church?” he laughed.
“Speak for yourself,” she joked
back. It was good to laugh. It felt
like forever that she had been
caught in anxiety and confusion.
“Do you think Zakes thinks he can
pray for forgiveness and
everything will be fine – as easy as
pressing a button and you’ve got a
ticket to forgiveness whenever you
need it? I don’t know how he can
sit there in church and sing hymns,
when he’s planning to go out and
rob someone the very next day.
I’ve tried to get my mother to see
sense but she just refuses…”

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