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Bringing Back The Joy – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 6]

Bringing Back the Joy

Bringing Back The Joy

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Story Title: Bringing Back The Joy

Episodes: 6

Category: Erotics

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Anne has been to my office on numerous events. She is an administrator for one of the lines of formal female dress shoes my stores and transfer partners manage.



Episode 1:



When Anne had a late flight and needed to check out by early afternoon from her lodging. I let her put her baggage in my storeroom and offered to make her supper at my week-day loft practically around the bend. She had a sense of security with that. I’m twelve years more seasoned; we have a functioning relationship to ensure; we had a brief period before her flight and I had no plans to exploit her. Before supper she perused my extremely decent however not elegant penthouse; nothing close to the down town multi-million dollar ones. She was a little late making it to the table after I had everything ready. Her face was flushed and her eyes sparkled. She did bow her head trying to hide her eyes and embarrassment.


“Anne, what’s wrong?”


“I looked in your bedroom.”


“I should have locked that door.” I poured her chardonnay, “You are a beautiful woman, well out of your virginal teens, what embarrassed you?”


“Your art.”


“I’m a dominant, playful, oral male who enjoys women and fetish art – no real pain, just D/s play.”


We had a wonderful meal filled with pleasant conversation. I learned a lot about her small town upbringing with her homemaker mother, her proper finishing school education and rather militant feminist activities during college. I mostly listened. My few words kept her going and her words poured out, telling me a lot about herself. We left the dirty dishes on the table after desert. We had no extra time. We had to get her to the airport. During the drive she divulged a couple more things and learned one that made her gasp quietly.


“You really practice the Dominance and submission, male over female things in your life?”


“D/s works both ways. I don’t need or want a slave, but the women I chose want to feel power, be protected and serve in return.”


“I don’t believe in that role playing stuff. It’s silly to me. I don’t need that.”


“We had whipped cream in our dessert. If your favorite date, tied a napkin over your eyes, stood behind you and put a spoon full of whipped cream on the front of your neck so it would melt, run down into your dress and across your breasts, would you stop him? Or would you let him kiss you deeply, hold your hands behind you, trapped between his thighs so you could feel his cock grow from wanting you. Could you enjoy feeling him lick and kiss your body, while he sucked the cream from your breasts and inhaled your pheromones. Would you feel power over him knowing your wonderful body was stealing his intelligence and making him insane wanting more from you?”


We drove up to the unloading area for her airline and I helped her out of the car and unload her baggage. I tipped the porter and then grasped the collar of her coat, “This is very unprofessional.” I pulled her to me, she exhaled and I sucked in her breath. My tongue licked at her lips and I filled her lungs with my breath. Her eyes were dreamy. I left her with only one thought.


“Thank you for visiting with me tonight and then sharing some verbal play. I will go to sleep tonight with the Dominant fantasy you allowed me.”


The Christmas season was wonderfully profitable. I received a bonus from Anne’s company. It wasn’t much but I wanted to spend it on her. She had resisted twice over the telephone but nature made our decision. I had not seen her for three months. In late January, she arrived in New York for only one night but that night it snowed. I slept in at the townhouse. She slept in her hotel. The next night was Friday the airport was still horribly backed up. Her flight had been canceled. Almost everything else was open. I couldn’t get to my home in the suburbs according to my neighbors. We met half way at a famous restaurant where I frequently dinned. It was slow enough that my favorite, blond cougar waitress had time to cater to us. We had teased often but she said I was too old for her. She is Anne’s age but far more verbally playful.


Anne and I knew we had nothing to do but spend the evening dinning, so we took our time. She was dressed in a black form fitting dress with a plain black nit band around her neck. For over an hour we delayed ordering and got into our second bottle of champagne. She turned the conversation quickly and shocked me, “You surprised me, when we had dinner at your house.”


“How so, pretty lady?”


“You twisted things and I almost believed in your D/s fantasy.”


I felt her disappointment and challenge. I took all the keys off my inch-and-a-half diameter gold plated key ring, complete with four links of matching chain. She looked puzzled. “The restaurant is only half full tonight. Will you play and experiment with me here?”


She did not answer but her eyes were full of questions. Our waitress arrived with some stuffed mushroom appetizers just as I asked Anne if she thought such a small thing would make a difference to how she felt wearing her wardrobe tonight?


Indignantly Anne answered, “No, it might look silly but a gold ring would not be noticed by anyone.”


I scooted closer. The waitress had to move. I put the ring through the material on the front of the black stretchy band around Anne’s throat. It hung freely and visibly down from the middle of her neck. My waitress looked at her smiled and said, “I’ll give you two a little more time to decide on what you want…(she paused)…to order, that is.”


Several of the female restaurant patrons pointed and whispered to their partners. The light was starting to come on in Anne’s rebellious mind but she still was puzzled.


“You are announcing proudly to the world that you are mine tonight. Whatever I want, you will willingly do to please me. You are proud to be submissive and will follow my lead to give us both pleasure.”


Our waitress arrived again; she whispered so Anne could hear, “God that’s hot.” She looked at me and continued, “We never finished our last conversation.”


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