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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 9


Chapter 9

Authoress Isabel


We got into the office as Mr Jang came to welcome us.
“Annagaseeyo Ajushi”
I said bowing to him

“Morning Miss Park”
He said

“I guess you can’t see me anymore”
Mr Kim said sitting down

“I’m sorry Mr Kim, how was the trip?”
Mr Jang asked the crazy punk

“Good except that she created ruckus”
He pointed his index finger at me

I asked surprisingly

“What ruckus did she make?”
Mr Jang asked smiling

“She slept throughout the trip!”
He blurted out

“Mr Kim that was normal. Any other person would sleep”
I said glaring at him

“What about the door?”
He pointed out

“That was…”

Mr Jang asked cutting me off

“She locked herself up in the bathroom”
He said making Mr Jang laughing hard

“What about you? You made me sleep on a chair!”
I screamed out

“I carried you to the bed later”
He blurted out

“Who allows girls to sleep on a chair?”
I said eyeing him

“Are you a girl?”
He asked laughing

“Do I look like a guy?”
I glared hard at him

“You guys are like cat and dog. Beep beep”
Mr Jang said in laughter

“So I’m a dog?”
Mr Kim asked

I whispered to myself

“I’m sorry Mr Kim!”
Mr Jang said bowing

“Get ready Hye ji”
Mr Kim said standing up

“To where?”
I asked

“Somewhere. I’ll join you outside in 4 minutes”
He said as I walked out

Just a mean jerk
I don’t think I’ll ever get rest

I walked out of the office to the park.
I met Hye ji as she opened the door for me…

I walked towards her as a plan strike my mind..
I’ll hurt her
I said grinning widely

“Mr Kim come in”
She said holding the door
I got towards the car as I intentionally closed the door on her fingers

“Haaa! Ouch!”
She screamed out holding her hands but something exceptional happened

Tears streamed down my face and my chest hurt!!!
“Mr Kim?”
She called me


“You’re crying? Is everything okay?”
She asked nursing her fingers as blood gushed out

“I don’t know why I’m crying”
I said in bewilderment

She left me as she entered the car first leaving me in surprise
I touched my face as the tears kept flowing


I’m crying because she’s hurt?
My heart is in pain too..

I entered the car as the driver drove off
This is confusing
Nothing like this has happened before!

I looked at her as she stared out of the window..
Who’s she?

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