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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 8


Chapter 8

Authoress Isabel



I stared at him with a die hard look. If looks could kill, then this crazy fellow would have been dead thousand of times

“We’re couples?”
I whispered to him

“The key please”
He said to the woman.
The Ajuma handed him a key as he bowed slightly

I said to him as I was getting boiled up

He said

“Are you crazy?”
I said whispering again
I didn’t mean to say that.

“You mean me?”
He asked surprisingly

“No. Not at all”
I waved my hands
He heaved a sign of relief

“Follow your boyfriend and let other customers come in”
The old woman said

I ain’t sure if she’s actually old maybe just mature..

“Animita Ajuma, he ain’t my boyfriend, he’s actually…”

“Hye ji,?”
Mr Kim said cutting me off

“Yes Mr Kim?”

“Let’s go”
He ordered me to follow him
He walked upstairs leaving me behind with the luggage

I bowed to the woman as I dragged our belongings up the stairs
Why can’t he just help with something..

Crazy punk!
I feel like slapping him at the back of his head

We got to the room as he unlocked the door.
He entered as I followed suite closing the door behind me

This will be so awkward!
” I’ll use the bed and you’ll use the chair”
He blurted out

How can I use the chair!

“All guys I know always allow ladies use the bed. Why is yours different?”
I asked as I sat on the chair

“Are you a woman?”
He asked such a stupid question

“Do I look like a man to you Mr Kim?”
I asked eyeing him

“I guess not. Use the shower first”
He said taking off his coat

“Yes Mr Kim”
I walked into the bathroom as I locked the door

It’s been over an hour since she entered the bathroom
Does she wanna build a family there?

“Hye hi?”
I said standing up and walking towards the bathroom

I knocked on the door as I didn’t get a reply

“Hye ji?”
I called again

“Mr Kim!”
She replied faintly

“Hey, what’s wrong?”
I asked in worried ness

“The door won’t open”
She said

“Why should you lock it in the first instance?”
I asked in bewilderment

“I’m sorry”
She said faintly

I placed my hands on the knob of the door as I shake it vigorously
The door is refusing to open up

“Try opening it too”
I screamed at her

“Yes Mr Kim”

“At the count of three, you should drag it okay?”
I said
Doing that might help


“One, two three! Drag it!!”
I shouted as I pushed it door open
I never knew she was so close to the door as I landed myself on her

Oh my!
We looked our eyes in a gaze as I forgot to stand up

“I’m… I’m s..sorry”
I said trying to stand up

“Kintanayeo Mr Kim”
She hurriedly walked out of the bathroom.

I’m glad she wore her cloth already..
I closed the door behind me as I also decided to take my bath

I walked out of the bathroom as she was asleep already.
She squeezed herself on the chair.

She looked beautiful
Why do I just hate her?
I can’t explain myself

I decided to take her to the bed
I carried her as she seem very light
Not an heavy weight!

I placed her on the bed as I covered her with blanket.
She’s an enticing beauty
Very cute!
Pink lips..

She’s just crazy
Daft and not my type
I shake those thought away from my mind

Hye ji is my personal assistant. Nothing more!!!
That was what I said till I drifted into sleep on the chair.

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