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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 5


Chapter 5

Author Isabel


Hye Ji is to come to the company today.
I’m gonna take revenge for all she has done to me

Embarrassing me in a public area
Calling me a crazy punk
Calling me a punk

This is the time to take my revenge.
I’m gonna make her suffer for all.
She’s gonna regret coming into Damueng.

I’ll hate her the more she comes close to me.
I’ll turn her into my personal slave
She’s gonna be worked to death

I can’t wait to see the bewildering expression on her face when she finds out that I’m the CEO here.

I grinned widely to myself as I await her arrival….

I dressed smartly clad in a white jean with a black coat. I don’t need makeup because without it,I’m always beautiful

I sat in the lobby of the company waiting to be called in by the CEO.
I can’t wait to start working here

I looked around as I saw different staffs working delightfully.
I can’t wait to be one of them.

Someone walked towards me as he called my name

“Miss Park Hye JI??”
He called me

“Yes Ajusshi”
I later learnt to know that he’s the general secretary

“You can come on in”
He smiled at me

“Ajusshi, you were the one that called me right?”
I asked him

“Yes, congratulations”
He stretched his hand for a shake

I said bowing and shaking his hands

I adjusted my coat as I followed him
We got to the CEO’s office as everywhere looked well kept

“This will be your space, you’ll sit here”
He said pointing his finger to a wider space..

“Ah! I see”
I really loved the space

He knocked on the door as a voice answered
“Come on in”
The voice said

“Wow.. Nice voice”
I said to myself

I entered as I bowed without looking at the face of the CEO
Ajusshi waited by the door..

“Annagaseyo, I’m Park Hye JI”
I said bowing..

“Welcome Jughead”
The voice said..
Familiar voice

I looked up immediately
I was shocked to see the crazy punk
“Huh! Crazy punk? What are you doing here?”
I asked in surprise

“Pay your respects. He’s the CEO!”
Ajusshi screamed at me

I shouted in surprise

“You’re surprised right?”
He said walking towards me

“Huh? I..I’m..”
I suddenly lost my voice

“Welcome Miss jughead!”
He said touching the tip of my shirt and playing with the buttons

“I’m sorry Mr Kim!”
I said bowing and trying not to meet his gaze

“Wow .. You can apologize now. Interesting!”
He said smiling

“I’m sincere!”
I said to him

“Running mouth, embarrassing me and calling me a porn star, I’m gonna make you suffer for all that!”
He said as he face burned hot

I was shocked

“Welcome to my World, Miss Pretty !”
He said walking out on me

“Congratulations once again Park Hye JI!”
The general secretary said before he closed the door of the office gently

I wasn’t so sure if I should accept the congratulations

I was shocked beyond marrow..
Crazy punk is the CEO?
A bossy CEO?

What do I do?
Death should come now!!!

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