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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 4


Chapter 4

Authoress Isabel



I glanced through the files on my table as I worked on them. Today has been very hectic.

I’m travelling to Pakistan in three days to settle some business matters. How I hope I have someone to lean on.

Someone knocked on the door
“Please come in!”

Mr Jang, secretary walked in as he bowed slightly in front of me

“Mr Kim?”
He called me as I lifted my gaze to meet him

I answered him

“About the stuffs you asked of me”
He said holding a file

“Oh!yeah. What about it?”
I asked as my face brightened up

“I’ve complied the names of the top three that passed the test”
He said still holding the file

I asked in surprise

He’s really fast about everything. That’s why I love working with him.
I hope a personal assistant would work even more better than him

“Ji Eun Tak, Choi Jan Di and Park Hye Ji! They passed the test”
He said smiling

“Oh! Really?”
I asked him

“Yes Mr Kim. Another test is gonna determine who qualifies”
He said stretching the hands towards me and giving me the file

I accepted it as I opened it
“Ji Eun Tak?”
I said facing him

“She has a three years experience as a Secretary”
He replied me

I flipped through the second page
“Choi Jan Di?”
I asked him again

“She has worked as a Secretary in some company before”
He said to me

I flipped through the last page..
“Park Hye Ji?”

“Ha! There’s something spectacular about this person”
He said sitting down

“What’s that?”
I asked in anticipation

“She has a very good education in business matters. She’s actually very intelligent. She passed all the test!!”
He blurted out to me

“Oh! Really?”
I tried glancing through the girl’s picture as I was stuck in shock
This can’t be!!

The crazy Jughead driver??
Oh my!

“We can actually employ her to the Finance department and…..”

“No! Employ her as my personal assistant!”
I shouted cutting him off his statement

He widened his eyes in surprise

“Give her the job immediately.”
I said as I confirmed the picture to be the crazy girl

“But she hasn’t passed the last test yet!”
My secretary tried objecting

“She’s gonna pass it. She has a running mouth. Just give her the job.
She’s the one I want”
I said handing the file to him back

“Yes Mr Kim”
He accepted the file back as he walked out of the office

This is my chance for revenge!
I never knew I could come to meet her this way

So her name is actually Hye Ji?
I can’t wait for her to start working with me

This is gonna be a sweet revenge
I’m gonna show her hell

“Park Hye Ji?”
I said once again as I grinned widely…

I walked our of the restaurant where I worked part time.
It was time to leave for another place

I pulled my coat over my shoulder as I walked towards the subway station.

Taking a cab when I’m not late is just like wasting money. I’ll have to use the bus.

My phone rang up as I checked it
“A strange number?”
I whispered to myself

I picked it up immediately
I said

“Is this Miss Park Hye Ji?”
The voice echoed into my ears

“Yes. Please who’s this?”
I said

“The general secretary of Damueng company”
The man said

“Ah! Annagaseyo”
I said almost bowing to no one in particular

“You’ve been employed Miss Park”
The man said as I covered my mouth in bewilderment

Oh my!
I can’t believe this

I asked

“You’re to come to the company tomorrow. Bye!”
With that he hanged up

I said even after he wasn’t on the call anymore

I really can’t believe this.
This is awesome
At last!

“I’m getting a job!”
I shouted to myself as I jumped up in joy…

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