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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 20 [Completed]


I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her

Chapter 20

Authoress Isabel



I don’t love her
Do I ?
I wondered aloud

“Je Na?”
She called me again

I was absent minded

“You’ve haven’t answered me yet”
She reminded me of the question that made my heart missed a beat

“’t.. I don’t love her”
I stammered before answering her

“You’re stammering?”
She asked smiling

“ I’m.. I’m not”
Just again I gave myself out by stammering again

“You just stammered again!”
She said in laughter

“Anyways Hye Ji is just my PA, nothing more!”
I said trying to stay on my voice

She asked


“Or have you developed a liking for the young chap?”
She asked again

That’s true!
I do like her

“Yes, I like her”
I said as her expression changed immediately..



“Yes, I like her”
He said without even giving it much thought as my expression changed immediately..

He noticed that..

“Mi Rae?”
He called me


“Are you okay?”
He asked but I wasn’t sure of what to say

Am I okay?
Absolutely I’m not!

“Yes,I’m okay”
I said trying not to let my emotions betray me

“Oh! There’s a difference between like and love! Don’t misquote me”
He said bluntly

My heart tinged up again as bubbles bursted in my stomach

“I know”
I said smiling

“So what’s up? When are you leaving?”
He asked anxiously

“Are you trying to send me away from Korea?”
I said jokingly

“Never! How I wish if you could stay”
He said in a worrisome voice

“Then I’m staying!”
I said in smiles

“You are? For real?”
He asked in excitement

“Yeah, but I’ll need a job here in your company”
I asked pleadingly

“Why here?”
He asked

That’s normal
I could easily work in my dad’s company.

“Someone wanna steal my property”
I said grinning referring to him as my property

“What’s that?”
He asked me

“I can’t let you know!”
I said in laughter


“So make my job easier so I won’t go back to New Delhi”
I said in smiles

“Of course I will, your wish is Je na’s command”
He said as I bursted into laughter

“I need to go now, see you later”
I said walking out of his office without bothering to hear his response

I’m gonna stay at Korea
I can’t let anyone take you..

I’ve been loving you for over 7 years so u can’t give up on the love
It’s me you date or no one else!

You probably love Hye Ji
You ain’t sure yet!
But I love you

I can’t let you fall in love with her
It’s my space not hers!
She’s no one!

I’ll work towards you hating her!
I make you detest her if that’ll create a space in your heart for me

I’ll create a demon in your heart for you not to accept her!

Because you’re mine!!!



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