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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 17


Chapter 17

Authoress Isabel


Am I in love with Mr Kim?
In love with my boss?

Kim Je Na

I disengaged from the hug as I saw Mi Rae and Jin Ho leave.

I don’t want her to see that

I looked into her eyes as she sniffed
I held her hands as I walked her into my office.

I don’t think she knows I’ve been walking with her..

She’s absolutely absent minded.
I closed the door behind me as I sat her down on the chair

“Take this”
I said as I handed her a handkerchief

“Thank you”
She said bowing

I stared at her as she wiped the tears off her face

“I knew it!”
I blurted out

She asked looking up

“Your love was one sided”
I said to her

“I never knew! You could have told me”
She said in surprise

“You probably won’t listen, his love blinded your eyes”
I said to her..

“You must have been surprised with the way I cried right?”
She asked

“Yes! Very surprised!”
I said in laughter

“I’m sorry”
She said bowing

“But you really looked cute”
I said grinning widely

She asked as her cheeks turned red probably trying to blush

“You look like a pigmy!”
I said as I bursted into laughter

She screamed out

“It’s true!”
I said winking my eye at her

“Crazy jerk!”
She whispered to herself without knowing I heard her

“You said something? You’re talking to me?”
I said pretending not to hear her

“Animita! I need to go”
She said standing up

“You need to work on something?”
I asked

“Some files or a guy named Je Na might kill me!”

I asked in laughter

“Mr Kim?”
She called me


“Thank You!”
She whispered
She said as she walked out leaving me in surprise

I just created some joke to ease her up
She felt a little better..

I’m glad she smiled

I walked out of Mr Kim’s office at the same time walking into mine..

My heart still felt heavy but Mr Kim really made me better

I never knew he could console me.
So nice of him..

Jin Ho !
I’ll make him swear
I promise him that

The door creaked opened as she popped her head in a little
Her familiar face staring at me

“Kang Mi Rae?”
I whispered to myself

“Can I come in?”
She asked

“Yeah, you can”
I said as I was surprised

What does she want?
Maybe Mr Kim sent her here or she needs something

“Are you okay now?”
She asked

I asked in surprise

“You seem to be in tears earlier”
She said to me

So nice of her
I never knew she saw me

I just had time to access her now
She looks so beautiful..
Fully endowed with feminine features

Her dressing sense kills all..
Very beautiful…

“Are you okay?”
She asked me again bringing me back to reality

“Yes I am”
I said smiling

“Thanks you Je na, you were consoled”
She said sitting on the table

“Ah! Yes”
I said smiling

“But what’s between you guys?”
She asked as I was surprised

“Between? Like?”
I asked

“Je na has never consoled someone at least not a woman but he consoled you”
She said to me

I was confused

“Or perhaps are you in love with him?”
She asked me leaving me in surprise

What kind of a straight question is this?

Am I in love with him?

It’s a no!

Or am I truly in love with Mr Kim?

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