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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 15


Chapter 15

Authoress Isabel


I passed some files to Hye ji as she accepted them
She also passed them to me

“Are you through scanning them?”
I asked in surprise

“Did you ask me to scan them?”
She asked stupidly

“Jeez! Did I ask you to feed your eyes on them then?”
I also asked

“I’m sorry”
She said receiving them back

She looked at it for few minutes as she smiled

“How’s it?”
I asked again

“Very cool!”
She raised her thumb up

“Did I ask if it was cool? How’s the presentation?”
I asked irritated

“It’s okay”
She said in smiles

I collected it as I dropped them to pick another one..
I was about to talk on it when I heard a knock on the door

“Who’s that? Come in!”
I said as the door creaked open

Mr Jang walked in
“Mr Kim?”
He said


“You have a visitor”
He said to me

“Let he or she enter”
I said without looking up

I continued with the files as Hye ji kept playing
So crazy!

The door opened again as I looked up
Lo and behold!

It was Mi Rae!
I stood up immediately as I was surprised

“Je na!”
She screamed as she rushed at me
I hugged her passionately

Hye ji just watched in surprise

“ many years has it been?”
I asked in surprise as I disengage from the hug

“7 years to be precised!”
She said smiling revealing those set of dimples

As usual she was still beautiful!
Very beautiful!

“I missed you so much Mi Rae”
I said gloomy

“Me too Je Na”
She said

“So have you come to stay back here?”
I asked expecting to hear a yes

She said bluntly

“It’s okay..Ah! Meet Park Hye Ji”
I said to her

“Who? Your girlfriend?”
She asked smiling

“My personal assistant!”
I said in smiles

She stretched her hands for a shake
“Hi I’m Mi Rae!”
She said smiling as Hye took those hands

“Hye ji, I’ll do the intro later. Please pass this files to Mr Jin Ho”
I said to her as she accepted them walking out.

I walked out of the office in surprise
Who’s that girl?
She’s indeed a beauty

I said to myself walking into Jin Ho’s office

He was busy working as I walked up to him

I said to him first

He replied without looking up

“Here, this files!”
I said to him giving him the files

“Oh! Thanks”
He said as I tried walking away
I stopped half way

“Jin Ho?”
I called him

He answered looking up

“Can we hang up tonight?”
I asked him trying to make up for yesterday

“Oh! I have plans”
He said as I was disappointed

I asked

“Yeah! With my girlfriend”
He said as the words hit me hard

“A… gir…girlfriend?”
I asked in surprise

He replied me bluntly

What does this mean
So he has a girlfriend?

Was I being stupid all along?
Oh my!

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