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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 12


Chapter 12

Authoress Isabel



I worked together in the office with Hye ji as I stole glances at her

There’s something on my mind but I don’t know how to say it

We’ve a lot of work to do.
We need to complete some files for the contract to be ready by tomorrow but we have to work all night.

I can’t possibly sleep in the office neither can I work alone on the files.
It need a team work.

I looked up to her as she glanced at another file briefly before dropping it.

“Hye ji ?”
I called her immediately I made up my mind

“Yes Mr Kim?”
She answered without looking up

“This work seems to be much!”
I said trying to beat around the bush

“Yes, it is”
She said nonchalantly

“We need to complete them tonight”
I said looking at her still

“Yeah, I know”
She said without looking up

“But you know I can’t sleep in an office”
I still beat around the bush

“Neither can I ”

“And I can’t work on the files alone”
I reminded her again

“Neither can I too”
She still didn’t look up

“What do we do?”
I asked her

“Make any decision! Your wish is my command”
She said as I grinned to myself
Perfect option!

“Spend the night at my house!”
I blurted out and for the first time she looked up to me

She asked still glaring at me

“Let’s work together at my house”
She looked at me again

“Why? I can’t!”
She said shaking her head

“It’ll make our work faster”
I tried to make her reason together with me

She tried protesting

“I’m sure you wouldn’t want us to loose the contract”
I said again
I’m convinced that she would not turn down my offer

“Okay but…”
She said

I asked

“You need to pay me..Extra time charges!”
She spat out those crazy words

“I will. Satisfied?”
I asked

She smiled widely

Crazy Jughead!!!


I walked out of Mr Kim’s office as I grinned widely to myself

He’s gonna pay me for extra time..
This is wonderful!

I’ll make sure to ask for much money..
I smiled to myself

I was about to open the door to the research team development office when I heard someone call me

I looked back and was surprised to see Jin Ho
He walked up to me

“Hi Hye Ji”
He waved his hands to me

“Yeah Hi”
I replied him

I don’t know why I can’t stop loving him
I’m obviously blushing

“I need your help”
He asked me

I’ll gladly do anything but not something hard

“What’s that? Tell me”
I asked anxiously

“I need to pay my mum a visit and I need you to follow me, please”
He asked pleadingly

“I will g….”
I stopped my self from saying yes as I remembered Mr Kim’s request

I need to spend the night at his house but I can’t turn down Jin Ho’s offer


“Will you?”
He asked again after a very long minute

I stared at him looking lost
What do I do
Obviously I wanna follow him but at the same time I wanna help Mr Kim

Whom do I follow?
This is giving me goosebumps

I’m lost!!!
Not again!

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