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Bride To A Heir – Season 1 – Episode 11


Chapter 11

Authoress Isabel



Who’s this guy?
Hye ji knows him?
I’m kinda lost!

“Stay away from her please!”
The guy repeated

“And why should I?”
I asked

“She ain’t yours!”
He blurted out making me irritated

“If she ain’t mine, then whose? Yours?”
I asked laughing

“Mr Kim? I….”

“Don’t touch me!”
I said moving back as hye ji wanted to hold my hands

She gazed at me surprisingly

“What right do you have to touch me?”
I asked again

“I’m sorry but let’s go in to settle this!”
She asked pleadingly

“Why should we follow him in?”
The guy asked.
He’s just irritating me

“Jin Ho please! He’s the CEO here”
She tried explaining

“So? He wanted to hurt you”
He said pointing his index finger at me

“Follow me Hye ji”
I said without waiting to know if she actually did

I walked back into the company as I made way into my office straight..
I only realized he followed her here again

I sat down while they both stood in my front

“May I know you?”
I asked him

“He’s Jin Ho…”

“I never asked from you!”
I cut Hye Ji off

“I’m Park Jin Ho. I’m here as the attorney for Damueng Company!”
He blurted out

So he’s actually the lawyer assigned to the legal firm…
I can’t believe this…

“Walk back outside, my secretary will show you your office”
I said to him

“Hye ji? I’ll be in my office”
He said to Hye Ji as she obviously blushed

“Hey Mr attorney!”
I stopped him
He looked back immediately

“What happens between I and my PA is obviously non of your business!!”
I said as he walked out

“Mr Kim?”
Hye ji called me

“Is that your crush?”
I asked her

“How do you know?”
She widened her eyes

“Obviously shown! Stay away from him. That’s what I want!”
I blurted out

She surprisingly asked

“You can leave”
With that she strolled out of my office

Park Jin Ho?
I’m in for you!!!

I walked out of the office making my way to the legal firm
I still don’t know the reason why Mr Kim asked me who I was?

He seemed violent earlier,
He also asked me to stay away from Jin Ho

Is that possible?

I knocked on the door as he told me to come in

“Jin ho?”
I said walking up to him..
He was by the window strafing the blinds

“Why’s he violent to you?”
He asked me in anger

“It’s okay, he apologized!”
I tried to lie

“I know it when you’re lying!”
He grinned widely
He caught me

“It’s okay, but I’m happy you’ll be working here”
I said trying to control my emotions

“Can you do something for me Hye ji?”
He asked

“What’s that?”
I asked in surprise
I’ll probably do anything for him

“Stay away from him!”
He blurted out as I stayed in shock

I asked

“Kim Je Na!”
He said holding me vigorously

“But he’s my Boss!”
I told him

“I don’t care! Just stay away from him”
He said walking out on me

What do I do?
Who do I listen to?

Jin Ho has been my crush since high school
Mr Kim is obviously my Boss

What do I do!!!
Whose voice do I listen to?

My boss voice?
My crush words?

I’m lost!!!

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