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Breathless Encounter +18 – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3

He removed his thumb, sliding it
forward to gather some juice
from my pussy then returned it
to my asshole. Again and again,
he did this, fucking my asshole
so good that I began to buck my
ass upward, wanting more.
“Shh…” he said into my ear. “Slow
down babe.”
I did, returning to lying still as he
fucked me with his thumb. He
kept going for minutes, wiggling
his thumb inside my ass,
stretching me wider and wider.
When I was relaxed and all
stretched out, he slipped in two
fingers in there.
I cried out this time and he sat
back up. His other hand found its
way to my pussy hole and within
seconds, he was pumping his
hands inside me in both holes. I
was panting heavily and
moaning loudly at the same time.
“Yes, Yes, I’m cumming. Oh God,
I’m cumming,” I groaned in
between pants and he fucked my
hole even more vigorously until I
exploded, quaking and cumming
all over his hands.
As soon as I recovered from my
orgasm, he flipped me over and
immediately drove his hard cock
inside me, fucking me harder
and faster. I embraced his
movement, revelling in the way
he rammed his cock deep and
violently into my pussy.
Gone were the earlier gentleness
and slow-paced loving. His dick
was entering me in a few
different angles as he fucked me
so desperately. I wrapped my
legs around him, gripping his
shoulders as I came again.
He groaned as the movement got
even more exciting due to my
orgasm. He bent his head to take
one of my boobs in his mouth
and sucked hard. I cried out
sharply again at the contact,
tightening my walls against his
cock until he also began to
shudder, spilling his seed into
My phone began to ring almost
immediately and I stretched my
hand towards the edge of the
bed to pick it up. I saw that it
was Michael and made a
shushing gesture to David before
answering it.
“Hello love,” I said.
“Hi. How are you feeling?” He
asked, concern evident in his
“So much better,” I replied as I
squirmed a little, David’s dick still
inside my cunt.
“That’s good dear. Take care of
yourself. I would be home soon,”
he said, then hung up.
I looked up at David who
immediately leant down to kiss
me. I wrapped my arms around
his neck, all thoughts of Michael
disappearing from my head.

The end

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