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Breathless Encounter +18 – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

As soon as I heard his car drive
out of the compound, I
immediately got up to take a
shower. I also shaved my vagina
and tried to pick the sexiest
outfit to wear.
I settled for a blue strapless dress
that hugged and showcased my
curves sexily. I decided to ditch
the underwear and seconds
later, I was knocking on David’s
His breath caught as soon as he
saw me standing there. I quickly
entered, not wishing to be seen
by others we might know.
Fifteen minutes later, I was
completely naked and lying down
on his bed as David trailed kisses
down my spine. He was gentle
and sensual as he licked down
my back to the dip of my ass.
His hands caressed my ass
cheeks as he went, spreading
and releasing them. When he
spread my cheeks open, I felt the
coolness of the air which
aroused me for some reason. I
moaned as his mouth moved all
around my ass, kissing and even
nibbling gently.
He sat up and cradled his dick
between my cheeks,
sandwiching it tightly, then he
began to slowly move up and
down, his dick sliding between
the crack of my ass. He groaned
as he did this and it turned me
on so much, I felt wetness on the
sheets under my pussy. I had
never had foreplay quite like this
and it was really thrilling.
After a few minutes, he removed
his dick and brought his tongue
to the entrance of my asshole. He
leant forward so he was almost
lying on me and began to kiss my
neck while whispering sexy
compliments in my ears.
I moaned in response and gave a
sharp sigh when his tongue
entered my asshole. I did not
believe how completely arousing
he was as he slid that thumb in
and out, especially considering
the fact that he was not even
lubed up.

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