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Breaking The Rules – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7

It only took a few seconds before the effect hit him and before he became unconscious, he said the last words I expected to hear from him

“Marry me, Vanessa Styles”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

Marry you? Of course I will bloody marry you!

We started our resurrection process in earnst and it turned out that we had no idea what we were doing.

I started to panic. Dr Neil should have been there but he was unusually and unexpectedly late.

I didn’t know what to do again and it was then that the door opened. Dr Olivia stepped inside. She stopped in her tracks when she saw what was happening. She became furious and mad at us and ordered us all to leave the room but I didn’t leave.

I couldn’t.

I was pumping oxygen into Mitch’s system and I couldn’t just leave. I told her that I was only expecting Dr Neil and it was then that she broke the news.

Dr Neil had been shot just outside the hospital when he arrived by a stray bullet and he was now unconscious in the intensive care unit.

My world stopped moving. But I didn’t stop pumping the oxygen.

After minutes of yelling at me, I finally allowed a nurse to take over from me and I left the room.

I had successfully worsened his condition and the only person who could operate on him was down.

What have I done!

But that wasn’t the end.

The test results of his condition were printed and sent to the other hospital and Mitch won the heart.

The chief of surgery requested for the attending cardio-thoracic surgeon in that hospital and she came running to save Mitch’s life.

The surgery was successful and Mitch’s life was saved that day. I couldn’t stop crying.

I had to face panel with the chief of surgery of the hospital and that meant I would be terminated from my internship and probably face serious jail terms.

At least that was what I expected but my mates did the unexpected and they protected me.

The all claimed it was them who cut the cord and when the chief didn’t know what to do, he decided to punish all of us.

And no one complained.

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