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Breaking The Rules – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6

Dr Neil, the attending in charge alongside with Parker rushed to the hospital in the hospital’s helicopter and this time, nothing went wrong with the harvesting.

Only that there was a bigger problem.

There was another guy in the other hospital who needed the heart more badly than Mitch did.

We were expecting Dr Neil to call and announce to us that he had gotten the heart but when he finally did, it was to break the troubling news that Mitch might not get the heart.

No, that was totally not going to happen with me. I thought and thought about what to do and finally, I came up with the worst plan ever.

If Mitch was going to get the heart, his condition would have to be a lot more worse and that was just what I was going to do.

I was going to make his condition worse.

I phoned Dr Neil and told him to find a way to prevent the other hospital from getting the heart and I told him my plan.

He tried to stop me but I hung the phone on him. I knew what great friends he and Mitch were and I was going to take advantage of that. I knew he’d come running, trying to stop me from doing what I intended to do and so, I went quickly and got into action.

I was going to cut the wire of the battery that kept his heart beating.

And you know what’s worse, I didn’t know how to keep him alive if I did.

I reached out to my second male intern and didn’t tell him at first what I was going to do till I dragged him into the room, shut the door and held out my scissors.

As expected, he tried to stop me but I didn’t want to be stopped. I yelled at him to be quiet and even at Mitch who was asking me to reconsider.

I was mad in love and wasn’t going to lose him again for the second time.

So the boy did the only thing he could do, he paged one of our female mates and when she too came in, kept begging me not to do it but I was mad. They didn’t understand, I needed to do it.

This continued till all four of we interns were finally in the room and when they all couldn’t stop me from killing a man and ruining my life completely, I started to cry.

I tried to make them understand and I confessed to them that I was in love with him. I tried to make them understand by comparing Mitch with their partners and asked them to imagine what it would be like for them too if they were in my shoes.

So gradually, they softened and eventually, they came around.

They agreed to help me try to keep him alive till Dr Neil came so, I kissed Mitch and I cut the cord.

I cut the effing cord!

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