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Breaking The Rules – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4

Dr Olivia and Eve got there as fast as they could but weren’t fast enough.

An intern at the hospital had damaged the heart by accident during the harvesting.

That meant no heart for Mitch.

They came back gloomy and downcast. It was a moment of great pain not just Mitch and I, but alsofor everyone who was on Mitchs case.

He was discharged the next day and I had to use every will power I had in me not to burst into tears as I saw him out.

I thought that was the end of our story, but that was just the beginning.

Months had passed since Mitch left the hospital and if my memory serves me right, it was eight months after he left and I didn’t even think much about him again.

And on one bright morning like the one of the daywe first met, he was rushed in again.

His condition had grown worse and he could hardly do half the things he could do before. One of them was that he wasn’t strong enough to walk again. So, he was bed ridden.

And just like before, I was appointed to his caseagain.

I guess it’s only when you are really faced with the possibility of losing something, that you truly know how much you liked that thing.

Our love grew stronger with each passing day and Mitch’s heart grew weaker. He didn’t bother to keep his feelings secret from anyone and soon, almost everyone who met him knew that he had the hots for me.

Not everyone took lightly to it and most especially one person, Parker. He was probably the hottest intern at the hospital then and we were mates.

I didn’t say hottest guy, I said hottest intern.

Parker’s jealousy was understandable considering the fact that I had slept with him times without number and even slept with him on the morning of the day Mitch came again.

We were at the beginning of something nice and Mitch’s sudden appearance ruined it all for him.

He was really angry and he tried to hurt him with words whenever he could. But Mitch wasn’t an idiot or a kid anymore. He knew Parker’s actions were driven mostly by jealousy so he ignored him.

And I ignored him too, till he overdid his impunity.

He shouldn’t have done what he did that day.

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