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Breaking The Rules – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

Because he was a funny guy with a great heart, we became friends in no time. No, not friends, we bonded.

He kept cracking jokes and God knows, those were one of the best days of my life. He told me stories about himself and people he had met all around the world and I couldn’t help but fall deeper in love with him.

At that time though, I didn’t realize I was falling in love.

Mitch stayed at the hospital receiving treatment. Hopping from one surgery to the other all in the hope of keeping him alive till he finally got the heart that he was waiting for.

And finally on one bright morning, it was announced to us, Mitch and me, that his heart was ready.

Dr Olivia and a female mate flew in the hospital’s helicopter to the hospital where our donor‘s body was lying, waiting to be harvested.

We all were in such good mood because Mitch was really a good guy with a bad heart condition for a very long time and you didn’t have to be in love with him to like him. He was just that good.

Dr Olivia and Eve, my female mate who went with her got there as fast as they could manage but something happened.

Sometimes, your good isn’t just good enough.

Sometimes, your best isn’t just good enough.

And sometimes, life will hit you on the head with bricks till you fall flat and die.

When you finally think you’ve found a pool of water in the middle of a scorching desert, and you successfully manage to crawl your way there, the pool turns out to be fake, a mirage pool.

We thought we had seen a pool but it turned out to be a mirage pool.

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