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Breaking The Rules – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

A surgeon.

I was a surgeon.

And surgeons shouldn’t forget who they are.

But I did.

And cost me a life. A soul.

One of the biggest rules in a hospital is not to get personal with your patient no matter the condition and it was that rule that I broke.

Not only did I get personal with my patient, I got mymates into trouble, disregarded my teacher, Dr Olivia and fell head over heels in love with a dying man.

How it happened, I don’t know.

All I know is that it happened so fast that I didn’thave the time to relax and think about what I was doing. No, it wasn’t a day, it was months. But it certainly felt like days to me.

If I start to go into details and try to explain how everything happened, you will get bored.

So, I’ll cut to the chase and not beat about the bush.

I’ll narrate everything real smooth, fast and simple.

His name was Mitch Dallas.

He had a heart condition. When I first met him, I had a huge crush on him. He wasn’t like the most handsome man in the world or anything and he certainly wasn’t a guy. He was a full grown man of 32 and I was just 22 but there was something about him that I fell for.

His heart condition was so bad that he needed a heart transplant and it was for the transplant that he came.

He was at the top of the list of the hospital‘s transplant patients which meant that whenever there was a heart available, he would be the first patient to be considered for the organ, based on his condition.

The feeling wasn’t one-sided, it was mutual. He took a very strong liking to me too when he first saw me and because my mentor, Dr Olivia and the attending in charge of his case really liked him, they let me be his doctor.

I was appointed to his case which meant that he reported first hand to me whenever he had any complaints and I was to take care of him by attending to his every needs.

They thought they were doing him a favour by letting him have his favourite doctor and me, by letting me have one of the best cases in the hospital, but little did they know that they weren’t.

All they did was take fire to gasoline!

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