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Breaking The Rules – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 9]

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Story Title:Breaking The Rules

Episodes: 9

Category: Love, Romance 

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They say we do not realize how much we really love something till we lose it or are on the verge of losing it. Breaking the Rules tells the story of a young girl, Vanessa who in a desperate attempt to save the man she loved from dying got broken by the very rules she broke herself.

What was the rule?

Episode 1

My name is Vanessa Styles. I am a cardio-thoracic surgeon. Actually, when this story happened, I wasn’t a cardio-thoracic surgeon then. Though I could still call myself a surgeon but I was more of a surgical intern.

I was an intern at the finest hospital in the country. And by finest, I mean best. I was no longer at med school, I had graduated from med school and was training to be a surgeon.

In a hospital, there are four classes or levels of surgeons. The first is the “Attending”, the highest class.

Attendings are surgeons who have completed every learning process that anyone would need to become a surgeon and they were as free as a lame man’s leg. They could do and undo anything at anytime to anyone in the hospital, they are the boss of bosses.

Though we say learning never ends but for anattending, you could choose if learning for you had ended. Keep something in mind here, learning couldn’t possibly end for an attending.

Everyday, new cases keep coming in and you keep seeing new things. The world is full of surprises and abnormalities and a hospital is certainly the home of those things.

The second class is the “Fellow”. They are next to the attendings. They are bosses too. Real bad bosses. Not as bad as the attendings though, but they certainly are bosses. You could liken them to the vice president.

The third class is the “Resident”. Resident doctors are like senior secondary school 3 students. They weren’t mates with interns and certainly know better than interns. They are doctors with years of experience in surgery and even very brilliant ones could perform complex surgeries by themselves without help or instructions from anyone. They are Fellows in the making.

The last class is the “Intern”. Interns are like senior secondary school 1 students. No longer in junior secondary which is med school, but are still fresh,inexperienced and unexposed to real surgery. They are just getting into the life. Call them freshmen.

Interns usually learn under all classes of surgeons. They could be under the tutelage of a particular surgeon but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn under other surgeons.

So, my crew and i, my fellow interns and I were under the tutelage of a particular badass boss ass resident, Dr Olivia.

We were five in number, three girls and two boys and we loved each other. But, there was so much love everywhere In my life and the hospital that I totally forgot who I was.

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