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Bitter Sweetness – Season 1 – Episode 15

All I could get to think of that very day was
just s*x! s*x!! and more s*x!!! I could not
concentrate on a thing extra. What if the
sales boy had not returned? What if he was
asked to open the shops today? What if I
was just left to this Nubian woman that
had completely turned my entire life
upside down? “What if?” was the
continuous questions I asked myself as I
just could not stop thinking of endless
other scenarios that could have followed
our last session together!! I had done the
unthinkable with her and who said I was
not willing to push it even further?! I was
going to F**K her again! And in a more
adorable manner! She was going to enjoy it
and beg for more!!…

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It was at my namesake’s house that I had my first taste of cooked food that morning. He was the only possible saviour I felt I had; so I quickly made his house my preferred definition of workplace. Onyinye had later left the house like she said; having nothing to do with the kitchen and telling me she was going to see one of her girlfriends who had a child dedication to do in church the following day. The plan was to assist her friend’s family in making food for the attending/visiting guests and she was sure to spend most of her day there. Even though her preparation for this visit was labored and sluggish, I knew she was aware she had little choice. She was visibly frustrated and it was little work to guess what the source was. She had been cut off from one of the best moments of her life! And as she told me about her need to spend most of her day at her friend’s place, I could visibly see the hunger and the feeling of discontent in her eyes! She was regretting accepting the invite. However, given how things had played out, I needed to remain sensible myself. I was assured that I had dumped a good load of heightened s£nsat!ons in-between her legs and that should do, for me. At least, until she made it back to the house by evening. After all, she had never wanted to admit she needed my F**K all these while.

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