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BITCHED – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 5]



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Story Title: BITCHED

Episodes: 5

Category: Sex

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Episode One

The Beginnings*

Hi everyone, My name is “Ivy” and I’m here to tell you about my story, its something that scares me whenever I remember it. But I have no choice than to say it.


30 years ago, I was born into the family of 7, my father and my (step)mother with 4 siblings. I was the first child after 4 years of miscarriages, God finally smiled on her and she gave birth to me, afterwards 4 more came.

I came from what you might call “middle class” family, we were respectable at least in the community we lived in. My mom was a light-skinned woman, my dad was brown-skinned, I came to this unforgiving world light-skinned just like my mom and exceptionally beautiful. The beauty was there right from birth as I was told, I was born on 19th August 1989.


02:09am. 19th August 1989

Author POV

Around 2am in the morning of 19th August 1989, Evelyn was in labour pains. She wondered if it is another miscarriage, the pains made her forget that it was already nine months since she got pregnant. She waked her husband, Aje, who was in dreamland already. Wetin be the problem Evelyn, he yelled at her, abi u don get anoda miscarriage!? Evelyn answered’ God forbid bad thing she said while in pains, my pikin don dey come out o, call doctor abeg.

Aje was in joy when he heard what she said, he quickly rushed for his telephone by his bedside and dialed the doctor’s number, the distance from their self contain apartment to the hospital is close to 30 minutes of trekking(walking with legs), Aje carried her up and put her on their donkey and the three plus the unborn baby trekked to the community hospital.

The hospital nurses sighted Aje and Evelyn from afar with their donkey, seeing she was in pains, they rushed to them with the hospital’s troller. They carried her carefully and placed her with her back facing the bed and pushed the troller to labour room they have already prepared upon her arrival. Aje was asked to stay outside as he wasn’t allowed in the room at that time, Aje went outside, pacing back and forth, lost in his own thoughts, he desperately wanted a male child, who will be the first born and also continue his lineage like his ancestors before him did.


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