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Billionaire’s Bride – Episode 4

Billionaire’s Bride

Billionaire’s Bride



Wanda staggered into the house looking very tired, she ruffled her hair playfully

Her father and mother were already sitting , waiting patiently for her to return

She looked at them in a funny way, ” mom, dad, why are you still up ” she asked removing her wedges

Her father stood up and gave her a resounding slap, Wanda looked shocked

She doesn’t know what she has done wrong but everything dawned on her when she remembers what she had done earlier

dad, what was that for? ” her voice broke, tears already filled her eyeballs, threatening to fall

that’s for insulting Finn

You know what Wanda, I don’t care if you are signing the papers or not on your own will

But you are grounded for a month, your account has been frozen and the big shocker is that I have closed your jewelry shop

Now choose, you have from now till tomorrow to decide whether you are signing the papers or not ” her father said and left her sight

She fell and broke into tears

oh my poor Wanda


I sat down on my king size bed, holding my phone with my right hand and the TV remote on the second hand

I turned the TV on and I opened my pack of cigarettes and lit one

My phone rang and I picked it up, I already knew who was calling me. Only Nina calls me this early

what’s up girlfriend? “I said excitedly, she’s the only one who understands me and I can say i intimidate her a lot

I chose to make friends with her because her parents are not that rich, I don’t want to have friends who are going to be on the same level with me

I can easily manipulate her to do my wish ” davi please check your phone , check finn’s instagram page

I feel so sorry for you right now Davina ” Nina said over the phone and I could predict that it’s something bad

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I don’t care though but what could be so urgent that Nina had to call me?

Nina what is it? ” I asked in a command voice

I can’t tell you, you have to see it yourself ” she said and hung up on me… Stupid girl

But wait, I have to check now. Nina sounds really serious

I opened my instagram and the first thing I saw was a picture of Wanda Frederick and Finn my boyfriend

What are they doing together?, I saw the caption ” hash tag getting married soon ”

what? ” I shouted and one of my maids ran into my room

what happened madam? ” she asked all shaky

get out..” I shouted and she ran out immediately, no, no, Finn can’t do this

He won’t spoil my plans, no. When I already thought all my plans was going to work out then Wanda gets into it

I won’t take this lightly, I dialed finn’s number and he picked it up immediately at the first ring

Finn, was what I saw on your instagram page true? Don’t tell me shits and come clean with me

Is it true or not? ” I asked faking anger, I’m not seriously pained with it

It will just ruin all my plans, I don’t care if he marries or not but I have to marry him first to get what I want from him

” it’s true Vina, everything you saw is true but I can explain ” no, this can’t be

It can never be true, I don’t care what the reasons might be but I can’t let them get married

I thought you changed Finn, so you were just lying to me Huh? ” I broke down in fake tears

Davina, you know I won’t do that, dad arranged a marriage between us, it’s a contract actually and you know I have to do everything dad wants

But I promise you, within five months the marriage will be annulled ” he said and my eyes brighten up a little

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I can’t afford to lose now when I’m already close to my goals, five months is not too much, a patient dog eats the fattest bone

” okay baby, it’s alright. I understand your plight

But keep it in mind that no strings attached, no falling in love with her. ” I said in a possessive tone and he laughed

” alright baby, I promise you that and guess what? ”

what? ” I asked

I love you very much ” he whispered

I love you too sweetheart, can I come over tonight

I wanna feel you inside me tonight, it’s been a long time you know ” I heard him chuckle

I got him, he is fond of sex. I wonder if he can survive without that

” I’m all yours sweetie ”

alright alright, I have to go for my yoga class Talk to you later, love you ” I said and hung up (this story is written by damilola)

I looked around and then entered a room which no one knows is inside my room

I guess nobody knows my true identity.



Dad has finally forced me to sign the papers this morning, you need to see the disgusting face of Finn this morning

He looked quite happy while signing the papers and there I knew he got something up his sleeves

I have to get my jewelry store back, if j hadn’t sign those papers then dad probably would have sold my jewelry store and freeze my account forever

My jewelry store is my life, I have to do something about this but what?

Roland isn’t listening to me, he doesn’t want to believe that I don’t want this to happen too

Why am I the one facing all these?

The wedding is next week, then I will start living with a beast, God please save me in his house

That’s all I can ask for




What is Davina’s Secret ooo

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